Monday, August 11, 2014

Balm To The Soul

Last week I had the honor to to meet up with two of the most lovely bloggers. In the evening I received an invite from Jamie to a get together with Margaret the following day. It somehow turned into a game changer. Or maybe just a reset along the path.

Have you ever had that feeling when something just isn't right? I've felt it for months, wearing on my heart and soul. That unsettled feeling that makes me restless, anxious, stressed, grouchy and therefore makes the every day wear and tear grueling, unhappy.

Sometimes it's a blog post that you read that inspires, a conversation or an impromptu visit with a friend, that helps get out of the rut. Out of the funk. God provides us with the opportunities to get out of ourselves, see a new light and smile again.

It's tough because feeling like hiding and internalizing a whole lot of stuff is just easier, especially when you can't quite put your finger on what's wrong. 

Then a series of events happens or just one that changes your outlook, snaps you back to reality and draws you closer to God, your spouse and your family. 

Processed over days, a moment of clarity arises during an early morning conversation at the kitchen sink. A long list of changes, deaths I was unprepared for, changes in my children's seasons, transitions in motherhood, waning prayer time, outside demands of me and my time.

It all added up.

It all challenged me and took away my peace. Slowly, but steadily and therefore making the climb out of it that much more difficult.

Then the clouds broke and the sun shone in the form of a smiling face and small conversation while running around after our children. 

It helped the process of slowly chiseling away at the sadness, the unknown, the loneliness. All that has kept me from being able to live fully and trust in God's amazing ways.

All of the things that while seemingly small and hidden, found their way to grate and grind away at my true happiness in my heart and soul. 

Friends of the heart and a good laugh are a good medicine.

And sometimes that seemingly simple invitation, setting aside other plans and expecting God to show up, is exactly when He will.

**Read Margaret's version of our get together over here. She speaks more eloquently than I. 


  1. I am SOoooo happy for your rested soul...for all three of you. Good medicine in deed, and yes! God knows just what we need, doesn't He? Love the heart felt words...we all have felt them in different chapters of our lives. You put them down so eloquently. Now here's to a good week filled with memories that will keep you uplifted for some time!

  2. I agree with Patty...
    We have all felt those emotions at times of our lives.
    You expressed them beautifully.
    Change is hard. Children grow. As mine grew, I sometimes felt my role...the person I identified myself with...a mother to young babies and toddlers...was no longer fitting. And that made me sad. And confused.
    I resist change. Not the best for a mother with growing and changing children, right? I also struggle with anxiety in the form of worrying. So please know you are not alone.
    But why am I saying that, when you are clearly surrounded by amazing friends who fill your heart with love?!
    Have a blessed week, dear friend. : )

  3. This was a moving post, Sarah, and I applaud you for your honesty.
    I learned of Sarah's death on Facebook from a Catholic women's group I'm in and I was also greatly affected by her and her daughter's passing. What a tragedy that does not seem to make any sense! But I'm so happy for you that your time with friends helped you to get out of your funk. Of course that's why God gave us each help us through it all. Life is truly precious. Beautiful post :)

    1. Lisa, I agree and am recently being reminded that God gave us one another to help each other along the way, build one another up and pray for one another. The heartfelt posts are always my hardest to post because the honesty of the reality that my life is not always perfect is hard to share. I know though that that truth that others share is always appreciated when I read blogs and a closer connection when I can identify with them.
      Thanks for reading.

  4. The second paragraph in this post? That was me last March! The doldrums...the sloth...the lack of inspiration...

    It's interesting that you speak of a "game changer." I love this idea--the thought that God sends His grace in such unexpected ways and all we need to do is be ready. Of course, sometimes being ready means NOT being ready. I'm thinking, making plans by the seat of one's capris! ; )

    Sarah, you expressed my heart so eloquently in this post. This is why I blog, truly. This is the BEST part of blogging.

    1. Thank you Margaret. As I always say, you inspire and encourage me via blogging and your heartfelt words.
      Being ready for grace. I like that. God's plan is always there in the most unexpected ways and visits with friends.

  5. Oh, Sarah, this brought tears to my eyes. I had no idea how much you were struggling. I need to call you more often. To invite when the Holy Spirit prompts. We all need to, don't we?

    Beautiful post. I'm stealing that post of the 2 sweet girls....
    It was what I needed too, I felt so happy afterward.

    1. You are so sweet, Jamie. I really do need that extra shove to get out of the house to be nourished and encouraged by dear friends. We should get together more often, before you leave us for warmer climate.
      Thank you again for your hospitality.

  6. I canNOT wait to meet you and I'm so happy and jealous and squealy all at the same time about you all being able to get together and uplift each other... and then I look around my house and think, Oh my gosh, I HAVE to clean this place before SARAH comes! (but I still think it's not gonna happen... the real cleaning that is... so brace yourself girl)

    1. I cannot wait to meet either!! By all means, leave the house go, I will not look around at all. I'll be soaking up some birthday fun with you, Colleen and your sweet girls. YAY!!!


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