Thursday, July 24, 2014

Summer Days Slipping Away

I've noticed that the blogosphere is quieted during summer. Which makes sense because our lives away from the computer are hectic and scattered. For those of us plagued with the long, dreaded winters, summertime is the season to take advantage of the outdoors. 
I am no different. 
Therefore, updates here are sporadic and random.

Sometimes there are just some things I can't help but post, even if they will only become reminiscent posts for myself one day.

Our newest additions at our household came just over two weeks ago.

They arrived in a small box with holes and made a chirping noise.

We are now 'farmers' or 'officially' REAL home schoolers because we have chickens. Our first 19 chicks arrived and the kids are enjoying watching them grow. They are also learning that sometimes animals don't all survive, even at a young age. So far, we've only had one casualty. Eighteen is an even number, so it all works out in the end.

Last week we took an afternoon outing with my parents. We went to check out a small grocery store not too far away that is ran by the Mennonites. It was a major score and such a quiet and clean place. We'll definitely be returning.

While in town, we visited this beautiful church and ran into the priest whom my parents know, so we had a nice visit too. 

An outdoor grotto just perfect for angelic little girls. You see they are folding their hands and implying they have never given their mama any trouble? 

In the swing of summer and the gardens are abundant! I've got to get a garden update posted soon. 

This year I planted cut flowers and I'm reaping the rewards of fresh flowers in vases in my home. I think I'll have to keep on doing this every summer to enjoy my gardens indoors, as well as from my windows. 

The yellow and green beans are also producing. I've already picked several buckets of them and I'm grateful they are doing so well. I was starting the inevitable rationing of last year's beans, but now I don't need to worry quite so much.

The highlight of this week was company coming for supper on Monday. We were blessed with our pastor, the diocesan Vocations Director and a transitional Deacon (he'll be ordained to the priesthood next June) all under one roof. My parents also came to spend a couple of days so they were here, along with another seminarian as well.

To say we had a blast would be an understatement.

As always, the kids were especially fond of the fun that can be had when priests and Deacon visit.

Of course, the little girls are easily entertained when anyone plays with them and does puzzles.

Priceless moment right here.

I insisted offered to take a photo to remember the fun and blog it too.

We also helped out with Vocations Camp: Men of Virtue day camp here this week. You can read more about some of the past years here, here, and here. Due to the small numbers, it was decided that we'd just do the one day camp rather than the overnight. It turned out to be a good decision and the young men who joined us were a great crew. 

My parents helped me cook the meals and entertain my kids so that we could volunteer again with the camp. In the end, as with every year, we enjoyed it and are so glad that we did it.

3 priests, 1 seminarian and 6 young men, just after our supper and before the end of camp.

Now with Vocations Camp behind us, we are looking ahead to the County Fair and sports camp for Jonah next week. 

Keep on enjoying your summer days. 
I know I am because winter will come whether I want it too or not.
 I've got to soak up this sun and beautiful weather while I can. 


  1. Aw! So jealous of the chickens! I think chickens are frowned upon in a suburb :( ha. My dream is to own a small bit of land and run a hobby farm, perhaps some type of produce to sell too. We just went blueberry picking at a small family blueberry field and that would be my dream. Love seeing the pictures! Can't wait to see more of the chickens :)

  2. Always love catching up with you, Sarah...
    What an awesome summer you all are having!
    And what wonderful memories you are creating for your sweeties.
    Enjoy, my friend! : )

  3. Hearing bits and pieces through the phone doesn't come near to fully shedding the true light on what you've been up to. How involved your family has been with the annual vocations camp is such a blessing to all those lives you touch! Great pics....I need to hear more about the cut flowers!

  4. I need to hear more about the cut flowers too! Did you buy a mix? Tell us all about it! :) Good luck with those chickies. We really enjoy ours.

  5. Can I just say that Fr Scott is awesome? He is! And you have Fr Greg...and I see Deacon Gabriel (right?) How are you so blessed to be friends with so many awesome priests?

    Nicholas LOVED the vocations camp! (we went to the Mead's) The Bishop said the closing Mass, it was really neat to see. They had around 30 boys I think.

    Fr Greg Mastey was telling us about how these camps started and all about them, it was really interesting. And amazing how much he changed them for the better!

    Love the pics of your mama and dad with the kiddos...cute kiddos...looking like angels!!

    Chickens????? I'll be thinking of you feeding those things in the winter while we are in AZ...or TX!!

    Love catching up with you, God bless!


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