Friday, July 11, 2014

Signs Of Summer

There are lots of signs of summertime here in Minnesota right about now. There are also signs of summer on this here blog with the absence of any regular posting.

We're all busy and I've learned that we've got to take the steps back sometimes to enjoy the every day. This morning I read Mary's post (thanks, Colleen) and realized small time blogger status is just fine so I shouldn't feel obligated to post. I've also been thinking more about sitting at the stoop front porch and how to settle in each day when there are so many things to be done this summer.

After a ton of work painting, reorganizing, moving and some redecorating, the great bedroom swap is finished. I'll post photos, I'm sure, but in the meantime I still have all of my school supplies that need a new home. Let's not even consider discussing school plans for the fall, okay? Those are very much still up in the air.

Alas, just some photos I threw together this morning to check in with you all. We're thriving and surviving our summer.

Summer Is:

Swimming at home and at a local outdoor waterpark...

4th of July celebrating with family...

Recitation of his 4th of July poem he wrote...

Fun with glow sticks that grandma brought us...

Blooming flowers that splash the yard with vibrant color...

A spontaneous trip to Como Zoo & Como Town yesterday...

Lots of smiles and fun memories...

Next week has a few things on the calendar and following that will be Vocations Camp and County Fair. I've got kids in 4H for the first time, so we've got some projects that need to get completed. Yikes.

I hope you are enjoying summer and finding plenty of time to relax and have fun.


  1. Happy to see your summer fun, Sarah!
    Hope all is well with your beautiful family.
    Did you get my lengthy email?
    Let me know if not. : )

    1. I did get your email and just replied. Finally.
      Keep on enjoying your summer, sweet Billie Jo!

  2. I love your summer photos. Your kids are SO cute.
    Projects...just when we think the lazy hazy days of summer are upon us...we whip out the to do list.
    Don't worry about your schooling plans. It'll all fall into place. God always provides. Enjoy your family time!

    1. Too true! Lazy and hazy, but then I remember all the things I don't get to during the school year. I've got to chillax during these days.

  3. Beautiful! Make the most of it! Yesterday Joe and I left the kids for a day and went to noon Mass, got an anniversary blessing, went to lunch, took a segway tour, then out to dinner. Way too much fun! Today I am taking advantage of the humidity to catch up on vacation photos and year-end interviews. Thanks for sharing a peek into your beautiful family when you get the time! Kelley Farm? It's on my calendar for Thursday August 7th.

    1. That sounds like the perfect day! Good for you two. I'll have to jot Aug 7th down. We are still planning and hoping to go back since the kids all enjoyed it last year. I would love to meet you with you this summer yet!

  4. I don't know if I ever told you, but as soon as I pulled up to your house last August and saw your front porch, I just about swooned. Oh my goodness, you have an amazing front porch and I love the wraparound feature and seriously, I could just drive up there right now and sit on it, but then that would be weird and I would like to keep our relationship on the normal level, you know? :) Great post and thanks for the link to Mary's blog post, I completely agree. You are one of my favorite blogs and I am so glad we got to meet in person. Let's get together again sometime. God Bless!

    1. You are so cute. :) I only wish we did live closer so we could sit on the porch together while the girls play. Praying for you every day and thinking of you as baby day gets closer. I sure hope we can get together, but gosh darn, summer flies by so fast! Keep enjoying your days.

  5. Could your children get any cuter! Seriously! Great job Mommy making all these memories with your sweethearts.


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