Sunday, September 8, 2013

Happy Anniversary Baby

  Twelve years ago today I married the man of my dreams that God placed upon my heart to pray for and set my standards high.

I sure got me a good one and God's timing was perfect for both of us.

Twelve years, same town, 1 house, 5 children later.....

We're still the silly couple who fell in love during a whirlwind romance 
and we wouldn't change a thing.

When you have twelve years you've shared and hardly another thing you'd want or need, what kind of gift do I give an amazing man?

I was stumped.

What is one of the biggest symbols of our love, our marriage?

The first thing that came to mind was our children.

And so a little Pinterest searching sent me on a quest for a homemade gift to represent just that.

Now, don't think me weird or out of touch with what a man would really want for an anniversary gift. Over the years I've found that my guy appreciates the sentimental, the heartfelt.

I settled on some monogram pillows for our bed. I thought they would fit in perfectly and again, in a place that was 'us' and our space.

After a quick trip to JoAnn's in which I used coupons to add to the already sale price pillow forms, I was able to grab everything I needed at once. 

I used this simple tutorial as my guide and started cutting, sewing and creating.

For the monogram letters I found a font in Word that I liked, enlarged it to the size I felt was adequate, printed on paper and then traced on fabric. As suggested by the JoAnn's employee, I used Heat n Bond Ultrahold to adhere them on to the pillow fabric.

One pillow for each child, including our little Natalie in heaven. I felt that she needed a different size pillow that set her apart from the rest.

Cute, don't you think??

A little closer look

I think that they will make a great addition to our cozy homemade quilt my friend made for us a few years ago. They will also add another personal touch to our bedroom haven.

And what's an anniversary without cake, huh?

Happy Anniversary to the most amazing man that God could have created just for ME! 

I am one blessed lady.


  1. those pillows look great, love the idea!

  2. Happy Anniversary! 12 years...oh, you guys are newlyweds. ; )

    I love your gift, and I am sure he did too!

  3. Great idea - creative, crafty, and clever. He's married to a pretty special lady!

  4. Happy Anniversary! I love the idea of the pillows, and they turned out beautifully!! :)

  5. Happy Anniversary!!! God bless you both!!

    You are so crafty! Those pillows look like they came out of a magazine!

  6. Happy Anniversary!! And those pillows are AMAZING!! You are so talented. Too bad it did rub off on me when I was up there...maybe next time! ;)

  7. You posted on the weekend, so I missed it!! Happy Belated anniversary Sarah and Reed!!!!! Maybe you could just spare a sliver of your creativity with the rest of us who are not so fortunate?? I love the pillows :)


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