Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Ten On Ten: September

I haven't participated with a bit of sunshine for a while in her Ten on Ten project and I happened to actually remember yesterday. 

One photo an hour for ten hours on the tenth of the month.

Starting off the day right....

Don't let that innocent face fool you, she's a busy, busy girl from sun up to sun down.

Signs that a toddler lives here.:things are forever on the floor wherever I step.

SHHH....students at work!

It seems the next meal is always right around the corner. Next up, LUNCH.

Signs of summer fading away.

Frogs have become my late summer terror each time I enter the garden. Those things scare the dickens out of me every time.

Hi-ho, hi-ho, it's off to the hair salon I go. A little bit of new highlighting color is in order for this mama.

Every day has a drama and/or trauma, doesn't it? Today's was a scrape on the toe that demanded a band aid and a screaming/crying fit to accompany it.
She just wanted you to see her band aid, so Lily photographed this while I was gone.

This little dear is the owner of the band aid toe. Although Lily took a quick snap and the composition isn't perfect on this one....well, the photo is still PERFECT
And it made me smile, so I had to be sure to add this as my last shot of the day.

Click on over to Rebekah's place to find out what everyone else was up to yesterday.

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  1. Your day looks like mine, Sarah! That last picture is beautiful. Frame that baby!

    Oh, and the frogs! We have some too. They leave little presents for me on my porch every morning. Ugh...


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