Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Five Favorites

 Five Favorite snacks. Easy pleasers to throw in your freezer or your pantry. I'm finding that accessibility are key to snack time, so I am trying harder to have good choices at the ready.


Frozen Grapes

I recently rediscovered the idea of frozen grapes when they were served at a meeting. How did I forget about these? I cannot tell you how refreshing a handful of frozen grapes were last week when it was so hot outside. De-stem, wash, throw 'em in a Ziploc freezer bag and you've got a snack.


Frozen Yogurt Bites

Again, could snacking get any easier?  And how on earth didn't I ever think of this before I saw it on Pinterest? Duh. I really need to broaden my horizons.

I tried it with both vanilla and strawberry yogurt and they were an instant hit with the family. 
I bought big containers of yogurt, lined my cookie sheet with wax paper and then drop the yogurt by dollops on the wax paper. Pop it in the freezer for a couple hours and then easily pull them off the wax paper and put in Ziploc to store in freezer. 



A little bit of an indulgent splurge, but I figure it's worth it in order to avoid the potato chips.  These are even a hit with the kids, so sometimes I have been known to hide them a little in the pantry. 
Hey, don't judge, you do it too. My favorite flavors are the Ranch, Sweet Chili and Chocolate. 



I made a batch of these and practically had to snatch them out of everyone's hands to save a few to freeze. Easy to make, then I froze them on a cookie sheet (I was afraid the jelly would run too much if I just stuck them in a Ziploc bag) and then bagged them a little later.


I don't have a photo for some reason, but I'm guessing it's because we are too busy consuming them that I forgot. I've made these several times and every time they turn out well, PERFECT. I double the recipe so we have a bunch to eat over a few days and still have more to put in the freezer. 

Find all the other great Favorites at Hallie's ~ they are always a fun read.

**Note: Did anyone notice how many times I mentioned Ziploc bags in this post? Hello, Ziploc, I'll take some free bags please.


  1. Excellent; thanks for all the great snack ideas!

  2. Those frozen yogurt bites sound fantastic!

  3. The frozen yogurt bites are a hit at our house! They eat 'em as fast as I can make 'em! The pb and j muffins look delish!

  4. Thanks for the tips, Sarah. I am all about new snack ideas here! Around 11:00 in the morning I am starting to scrounge around for something quick and easy to hold my "students" over until lunch!

    Have a great day, friend. Always enjoy visiting here. : )

  5. Ha ha! No, I didn't realize the Ziploc comments until you mentioned it! Yes, you have earned yourself a bonus box. All great ideas, Sarah. I never heard of frozen grapes before. Easy, delicious, and nutritious :) And the yogurt...oh! that would definitely be an instant hit. Thanks for sharing these ideas.

  6. Hi... Linking up via Hallie's five faves.
    I love grapes. Ill have to try the frozen grape snack... And frozen yogurt bites -- perfect!


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