Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Motivate Me

I'm in need of some musical motivation while exercising. Right now I'm mainly walking and jogging to work my way up to running for longer periods of time.

My playlist is getting too routine, so I need help finding some tunes to rock my exercise time.

Any suggestions? I'd love to hear 'em!


  1. Walking on Sunshine

    No Speak Americana (or something like that!)

    Kanye West - Golddigger and Stronger (clean versions which are still not great)

    Party Anthem

    Any Man of Mine (Shania Twain)

    and then, sadly, I like lots of other songs that probably aren't doing my soul any good....

  2. I like MGMT's "Kids", and Led Zeplin's "Kashmir" (the guitar riff always picks up my pace a bit). Johnny Cash's "Ring of Fire". Katy Perry's "Waking Up in Vegas". Rehab's "Bartender Song". Which has a clean and an unedited version.

  3. beckah shae comes to mind and a lot of stuff by Toby Mac. He has some stuff that isn't played on the mainstream. Dynamite by Taio Cruz. Then you could add in some silly ones like Walk the Dinosaur by Was (not Was), YMCA, the Macarena....

  4. Here's my list (just some of them)

    (they are not all PURE--keep in your headphones)
    Lady Gaga:

    Just Dance
    Bad Romance
    Poker Face

    Jennifer Lopez:

    Dance Again
    On the Floor

    Black Eyed Peas:
    I gotta Feeling

    Kelly Clarkson:

    One Direction:
    What makes you beautiful

    Chris Brown:
    Don't wake me up

    These keep me stepping!!

    Gonna have to check out some of the ones others have listed!!

    I also have a ton of 80's hits, like Girls just wanna have fun...

  5. Thanks ladies for the great lists! I'm looking forward to checking them out and changing up my playlist.

  6. I have a long list of favorites that I use during my half marathons...but do you still prefer Christian music? If so you may not like my list. It's not a list I let the kids listen to:)

  7. SO good to hear from you again, Amy! Thanks for all the comments. Miss you, girl.

    While I love the christian music, I listen to all different kinds so I will take all suggestions :)

  8. Freedom by Tyrone wells
    It's time by imagination dragons
    Drive by by train
    Everybody talks and animal by neon trees
    I do by colbie callilet (sp?)
    Watching you watch him by Eric Hutchinson
    Hey ho by the lumineers
    Count on me by mat Kearny
    Little talks by of monsters and men
    Tongue tied by grouplove
    Just the way you are by Bruno mars
    Hey mama by mat Kearny

    Happy music searching:)

  9. Hey, do you want to join LIFE Runners? I am kind of co-leading a chapter that will include the Twin Cities and St. Cloud area. We are going to do a 5K in August; might be a fun way for us to meet in person. www.liferunners.org


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