Saturday, June 2, 2012

Attention Google Readers!

A new header is up on my blog!

Go check it out!

And I assure you, a new post or two will actually come out next week. Hooray!

Hope you are all having a wonderful June weekend.


  1. Your kids are all so beautiful! But every single time I see Jonah's "cheese" face, I laugh out loud. He is too much!

    1. Ha! Glad he gives you a chuckle. I cannot get him to just 'smile'. I think he takes after one of his uncles who smiles almost exactly like that. lol.

      BTW, when I refer to 'Colleen' around home, the kids reply with 'ice ice baby, Colleen?'. So, that's your claim to fame around here. lol.

  2. chubby baby feet and yummy hands, love your new header!!!

  3. Sweet, sweet family pic :)


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