Thursday, June 9, 2011

Why Am I Having Trouble Leaving Comments?

Can anyone out there help me?

I'm not sure if it's my new laptop and some setting on here or what the deal is, but I'm having trouble commenting on some blogs. I write the comment and click for the Google Account option for identification (of which I'm already signed in) and it doesn't show my name like it used to. It kicks me over to the Blogger login screen where I again type my Google info. and still my comment tries to post as 'Anonymous'.

HELP appreciated.

PS...Patty, I've been trying to comment, really I have :)


  1. What type of internet browser do you use? Do you use Internet Explorer? I've heard people are having issues commenting with that browser.

    I suggest changing to Firefox.

  2. I had this problem too! After going to my "dashboard" and then clicking "View Blog" a few times, it started working again. I think :) At least I was able to post this comment!

  3. I just switched to Google Chrome and everything works fine. It's the old Internet Explorer that is giving everyone problems...I've posted a few times about it too!!

  4. I have had the same thing happen too. I looked on the Blogger help forum and they said if you kicked to the "login screen" - complete the login, but uncheck the "remember me" button. Then it should populate your blogger id like normal. It has worked for me and no, I have no idea why that works. Just a suggestion!

  5. Thanks for all of the suggestions! I'm checking in to them all. Probably won't do anything major to change it without hubby home, but I just tried Joy Beyond the Cross' suggestion and it worked. We'll see how long it lasts!

    Thanks for the technical help!

  6. I know, me too!! I'm going to take advice of your fellow followers and try to fix things on my end. There are only two blogspots that I have trouble on. Isn't that strange?

  7. Google Chrome works for me!!! Yahoo!!

  8. Ugh!!! So happy that I saw this on the side of Patty's blog as I've been having the same trouble. The most aggravating thing is that it doesn't happen all the time or on everyone's blogs. So frustrating! I'll give these suggestions a go. Thanks for posting this...I've just been suffering in silence! :-)


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