Tuesday, June 7, 2011

That's My Boy

Otherwise titled 'T-Ball According To My 6 Year Old'. Or even 'Can You Tell We're Not Really Into Sports?'

We searched to find a good fit for a spring sport activity for Jonah this year. Having never taken anything previously, we were able to locate a six week T-Ball course given at the local YMCA that covered the basics before getting into the actual game. This seemed like the best place to start for our little slugger. All in all, I think it was a success and he looked forward to it each week. It didn't exactly spark any more eagerness from Jonah in the sports department, but I think there's still plenty of time for him to find his niche.

Promoting the father-son bond, I had hubby take him to his weekly practice. He captured a number of photos on the last evening and I had to share them. I found most of them hilarious, because they honestly showed Jonah in his true form and I could almost read his every thought. I'm posting a few with captions below for your enjoyment.

"Say what? Can you repeat that?"

Potential future girlfriend?

"How much longer do I have to stand here and wait for the ball?"

"Now we're getting down to business!"

"FINALLY. I get to hit the ball."

"Sure is hot out here. I wonder what time practice is over?"

"Um, hello....are we done yet?"


  1. LOL We are not big into sports either. Mabel was a good soccer player but was bored with it. She would blow dandelions out in the field during practice.

    Cute pictures, cuter captions!

  2. I remember this when my son was younger. The boys played with the dirt and were so excited when it was finally their turn to be at bat. Outfield--they sure liked exploring the grass--lots. Missed you at this year's conference.


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