Monday, June 20, 2011

Sing Along Monday

I couldn't resist posting one of my latest favorite cartoon/kid show songs.

I stop what I'm doing whenever I hear the little Outside/Line Up song come on during Bubble Guppies. I can't resist. I love that little number.

Yes, my kids are probably too old for that show, but they seem to genuinely enjoy it and every episode has something that makes them laugh.

As for me, I listen from the other room just waiting for my favorite part. It makes me smile every time.

Because I'm sometimes a nerdy mom, I also try to sing it while getting my kids out the door. They moan and groan, but secretly I think they like it.

Happy Monday!


  1. Maria and I love this show too! I sing her the lunch song every day when we eat lunch! :)

  2. I must be out of the loop--I have no idea what bubble guppies are! :) But, a very catchy song--if I could carry a tune!

  3. LOL I have NEVER seen that before!


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