Tuesday, June 14, 2011

One Of My Favorite Baby Gifts

For a baptism gift for Gianna, my BIL and SIL gave us an awesome gift of a 13 month undated sticker Baby Calendar. I'm finding that with each passing week I'm enjoying it even more.

What an excellent gift idea, especially if this is baby number 2 or more. You know how that is when you record everything diligently for the first child in their beautiful baby book and then the next one(s) come along and there are many blank pages? At least, that's what happened here.

I love this calendar because you start it the month of baby's birth and keep it up for that first year. It even comes with stickers like 'First Tooth', 'First Steps', 'Doctor Visit', etc. With plenty of room to jot down other things you may want to remember as well.

Taking my SIL's suggestion, I keep it in Gianna's room along with a pencil to record things quickly where it's handy. I've included her first night in the crib, behavior changes, weight at checkups, family events, lots of 'firsts' and a couple other stories to remember.

The one Gianna received was from Hallmark, but I just found out last week that they are now discontinued. I searched Amazon and found a Baby Girl Calendar by Avalanche for a reasonable price, even with shipping that I purchased for my friend's new baby.

If you are searching for a perfect baby gift, I'd HIGHLY recommend one of these calendars. You won't regret it and mommy will be absolutely delighted to receive this treasured gift!


  1. Agreed! I don't do baby books anymore...just too much guilt about not keeping up with them. But, the calendar I could handle. And I think it will be a great keepsake for them as they grow.

  2. indeed this calendar is one of my favorite personalized baby gifts of all time!


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