Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Teachable Moment #247

Jonah had an item on his birthday list he just HAD to have. He'd seen numerous commercials for the Gaz Zuds bubble gun and thought that it looked and sounded like so much fun.

It boasts of its foaming action and the bubbles come pouring out of the bubble gun leading to endless entertainment.

We were skeptical, but he insisted and we bought it for his birthday. He was perhaps a little less thrilled with it as he unwrapped it, but still seemed eager to try it out. The following day we took it outside to give it a try. It seemed a bit disappointing to me and as I looked at my boy's face it indicated that he felt the same way.

His head hung low as he said 'That's not very exciting at all. It's nothing like the commercial.'

I took hold of the moment and reminded him how things aren't always as they seem, especially on t.v. Commercials are made to promote a product and make it look like we can't live without it, but the reality is never quite as the commercial makes it out to be. I quoted St. Augustine, 'our hearts are restless until they rest in you, O Lord'. Nothing on earth will fulfill us as much as we believe it will because we are seeking God and a peace only He can give us.

He agreed that sometimes things/toys aren't as exciting as he thought or he's only happy with that toy for a short time.

In that moment we were both reminded that things are just things and they all come and go, until the next thing we think we need to make us happy and fulfilled. In the end, what we already have is certainly more than we really need.

P.S.--I'd like to also add that Colored Bubbles are not as fun as they are made out to be either. We found them messy and leave a colored mark wherever they land. Clothes must be washed immediately (and not sprayed with stain remover) and your porch, shoes, etc. for instance do not come clean until washed or rained upon. FYI.

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  1. I heard that about the colored bubbles. Just saw Glow in the Dark sidewalk chalk and I'm wondering what the after effects really are?!

    I know he seemed disappointed, but what a great teaching moment!


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