Tuesday, May 17, 2011

From My Little Guest Blogger

Hello Readers!

My Mommy seems to think that I'm old enough to do a little guest blogging here in Blogville, so she asked me to come up with a creative post. Well, since I am three months old today, I figure you wouldn't all mind reading about me. Who doesn't enjoy reading a baby update?

Remember me? I was that cute little girl coming home from the hospital.

I'm not so small any more. I'm growing like crazy and getting bigger. My mom is especially fond of my cute cheeks!

I think I'm a pretty darn good baby. I know I'm a really special little girl because I have so many people who love me. My mom thinks God sent them a really easy baby and of course, I agree.

I'm pretty sure that I am one of the most loved babies ever, especially if the number of daily kisses I receive is any indication. I'm smothered with love at any given moment throughout the day. Boy, do I love it!

I enjoy sleeping and try my best to be accommodating to the household so I only wake up once during the night and have even tried sleeping all night long a couple times too. During the day I take a nap in the morning so mom can get through school work with Lily and Jonah. After being up for a while, I'm usually ready for another nap in the afternoon again. Of course, I may take a catnap here and there as well.

Although I do my best to be a perfect little angel, by evening time it's just been a long day and I've had enough. I'm not a big fan of the late evenings and tend to fuss/cry and have been known to scream at times as well. I do try and keep it to a minimum and generally that makes me ready to go to bed sometime around 8:30pm. That works out well though since that's when my brother and sister go to bed and the fun is all over with for the day any way.

Speaking of Lily and Jonah, we have a lot of fun together. Just last week they let me play 'restaurant' with them and I even helped them 'cook'. I really enjoy it when they include me in things and I try my best to smile and be polite and carry on a babbling conversation with them. Jonah really likes me, but sometimes forgets I'm around. I'm pretty intrigued by him though and watch him as much as possible. He's quite an interesting character. I think he's really gonna love it when I can run around with him. Lily is my little mommy. If my big mommy can't get to me fast enough or I barely let out a noise, Lily is almost always right there to rescue me. She holds me and talks to me a lot. She's pretty fascinating too and I like to smile at my big sister. Did I mention that she smothers me with kisses and love? I think she may be one of my biggest fans.

I like to spend my days in any number of locations and am usually quite content wherever I am. I started using my play mat now and think it's a fun game to swat at those funny animals hanging over my head. I do my best to grab on to things too when I am playing. One of my favorite things to grab is my big sister's hair. There's nothing like a fist full of hair. I'm starting to recognize that some of these cute toys mommy gives me will help pass the time when someone can't be giving me all of their attention. I can grab on to some of them and reach for them too, but I can't quite grasp them completely on my own yet.

Napping is most often done in my bouncer or baby papasan chair during the day. I am a fan of my pacifier and if I'm tired and you give it to me along with either my burp cloth or soft lovey, I am content and fall asleep. I've got to have that fabric up close by my face. I guess my brother and sister were the same way. It doesn't take much to make me happy!

I can't believe that I've been out in the world already three months! I'm looking forward to all of the new adventures I'll be taking this summer with my family and all of the exploring I'll get to do of the outdoors. I can't imagine what the next three months will bring. What exciting days ahead!

I look forward to catching up with you all again sometime soon. I'm sure my mom will keep you posted on any new developments and she'll surely be posting many pictures of me.

Until next time,




  1. Wow, three months already! You are so cute Gianna....and loved :)

  2. Gianna-you are a beautiful baby! Perhaps you and my Princess could play sometime-if we make it up to MN!

  3. Oh, you are so sweet little Gianna!!!

    You are so beautiful, I just want to give you kisses all over those cheekies!!!


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