Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Ego Booster #89

From the eight year old:

"Mom, I think you can have four more children before you are 40. Then I'll tell you when you are done."


The very next day:

"How old is (friend of mine who is 41 and having baby #5)? She hardly looks her age. You look like you shouldn't even have kids."

I mistakenly took this for a compliment and felt pretty good, until she clarified.

"I mean, she looks really good and you look older."

Oh, ok then.

"What?! I look older than I am?"

She starts to feel the pressure and covers with "maybe it's because I haven't seen you with a baby for a while so it seems weird. Like you're older than you are because I'm the age I am."


I felt like I should promptly run upstairs and load on the anti-aging cream.

So much for thinking this 32 year old body wasn't doing too bad. Oh well. I'll either use this moment to make me push harder in my exercising/self-care or to realize I shouldn't trust everything my eight year old tells me regarding my age.


  1. LOL At first I thought the post title was EGG booster!!! LOL

  2. She's not talking about me, we are having baby #6....off to get my Oil of Olay....

    Pretty funny, even funnier that you thought it was a compliment at first!

  3. Too funny Patty! I kept thinking it said "Eggo" (as in waffles) and had to keep checking it to make sure it didn't :)

  4. Jamie, I think Lily has commented before when she's just seen you via photos on your blog and thinks you are pretty and young :) No Oil of Olay needed!

    And, I've got another friend who is the 41 yr. old having her fifth.

  5. Oh boy - and this is why I'm thankful I only have one daughter...I don't think I could take the judging ;)

  6. It is only the beginning Sarah...those girls are very critical of their mothers. I would just ignore what she says or you will be crying a lot in the years to come!


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