Monday, May 23, 2011

Pushing My Button

I started up my laptop on Saturday morning as usual and a tiny box in the corner alerting me to the fact that the USB was not supported. Ok, whatever. That shouldn't effect me.

Well, until I try to use the mouse. Ok, so the mouse is a cheapo one we've had four years. It must be broken. Oh well, we'll go get a wireless one next week.

And then there were those photos that needed uploading from the camera. Windows Gallery is popping up but it's not recognizing my camera. Weird. Oh, I wonder if either of these things have anything to do with the USB message that came up.

Of course they do, silly.

It's not a matter of life or death, because my computer is still working after all. *sigh* I can still check email, look on the Internet and blog for heaven's sake. BUT, I can't upload those photos.

There's no rush, but to me that's most important right now. Inside I begin a slow meltdown that leads to a slight freak out. Things like malfunctioning computers tend to do that to me.

I freak out because a) is this problem fixable on my laptop? b) how much will it cost us? c) my laptop is four years old and as much as I'd love an upgrade, I don't want to spend the money right now d) I don't have the time to go computer shopping e) I don't have the time to transfer all of my things on to a disc and then on to a new computer f) with a new computer I'll have to learn how to use everything again and there's that whole learning curve thing that I'd have to deal with.

On the bright side, I'd get a new laptop! AND, it would have Windows 7 vs. the Windows Vista we currently have that my hubby absolutely despises (secretly, I do too!).

Now that I've been honest, wouldn't you like to share something that makes you freak out? I'd love to hear about your small or big freak outs in comments. I promise not to judge. After all, according to Jamie's kiddos "All moms freak out sometime".


  1. Three small things just made me freak out this weekend. 1) I gave the cashier a coupon for a dollar off, and she never scanned it in. 2) We found a Redbox DVD that we rented a week ago and had never brought back. 3) We overdrew our bank account and two checks went through, so they charged us $74 in bank fees.

    I hate wasting money on things like this! It drives me bonkers!

  2. so...your link doesn't work either!

    OK, now I don't have to post what makes me freak out, right?

    It's ok, when it's all over, it will be better, as you said, you'll have new!

    That's the way it was when my camera fell into the drove me crazy not having one, but in the end, I got a better camera!!

  3. Thanks for the heads up Jamie! Got the link fixed!

  4. Ticks. Ticks make me freak out! :) Generally speaking, I think anything that would make me feel out of control ( entire life....joking!) make me freak out.

    Sometimes I think that maybe it is just LIFE... it all piles up and a mom can have a meltdown. Mine was over the dog last week. A silly thing that just happened to overwhelm me!

  5. Glad to know that I'm not the only one who freaks out the same way you explained your freak out :)

    We had a laptop some years back with Vista...yuck!


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