Saturday, September 25, 2010


For planners like myself who thrive on numbers:

30 days until my 32nd Birthday!!

60 days until Thanksgiving!!

AND, My Personal Favorite,

90 days until Christmas!!!

What do these numbers mean?

Well, (besides counting down days left for shopping) because after we get through these next 90 days I am only 6-7 weeks out from my due date. Woo-hoo!! Now that is something we're all really looking forward to!

Not that you'd ordinarily catch me counting down the days and weeks leading into winter, but this one is completely different.


  1. Fun countdown! Looking forward to Christmas, too, especially with the baby being due so close to it ... I look forward to the beginning of winter with all the holidays. It's the early months of the new year that are hard for me =)

  2. Too funny. My kids just reminded me in the car today that there are only 90 days until Christmas.

  3. What a great countdown!

  4. FUN, FUN! I actually just told Mr. K this morning about my "October shopping plan" for Christmas. I try to begin early so it doesn't hit us so hard budget wise, and so we can have a peaceful Advent.

    Thinking about you today, and your sweet (20 week-old) babe:) {{HUGS}}

  5. Lovely way to look at it! How very exciting for you!


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