Friday, September 17, 2010

10 Surprising Things

I was tagged recently by Joy Beyond the Cross for a 10 Surprising Things about Me post. Since I've got time to spare lately, I figured I could hack out a response. I'm sure there are a ton of things you might not know from reading here, but I had a tough time thinking up things I may not have written about. Guess I maybe over-share here? Hmmm? Any way, here's what I came up with not that it's anything overly exciting or even enlightening!

1. I don't drink milk. I will have it in my morning cereal and eat dairy products, but I really cannot recall the last time I drank a glass of milk. Okay, maybe that isn't true. I did recently have a glass of chocolate milk, otherwise no white milk for me.

2. If I'm watching a program on tv, say like some type of reality show, and I can tell that someone is about to do or say something very embarrassing (say sing and they really aren't a very good singer), I turn the channel. I cannot bear to watch someone else humiliate or embarrass themselves in front of so many people. It's just too nerve-wracking to watch!

3. I have never fired or even held a gun of any sort. I know, not a whole lot of you maybe have either, but in these parts even young children learn how to use guns and hunt. I just have no desire to even put one in my hands. Not to mention I wouldn't have a clue how to hold it.

4. I played basketball in 7th & 8th grade in school, tried track and also cross country. I didn't like any of them. I discovered that I am not competitive and I really couldn't care less whether our team won or not. And so ended my sporting career. And I'm fine with that.

5. I chose not to attend college. My choice and fully supported by my parents. At the time I just felt in my heart that God's calling for me was to be a wife and mom and to me it was a waste of time and money for me to spend time at college when I would end up being a stay at home mom. Good thing I was drawn to a man that ultimately supported that decision and agreed for me to stay home with our children. I did start the process of getting into a business college a year or two after high school graduation to study tourism/hotel management, but quickly decided that my heart just wasn't in it and waited for God to provide a way to serve the Church and worked youth ministry for a couple of years instead.

6. In the winter after graduating high school, I spent 10 days in Guatemala with a group of adults as part of a service mission. While there, I experience my first (and only) earthquake tremors, worked hard every day in the heat, met the girl that my family had been sponsoring for years and saw my first glimpses of poverty. It was an eye-opening experience to say the least.

7. I grew up in a rural town of 700 and today live in a town of 250. I guess I am just a small town girl, but still like the benefits of driving a short (15 miles) distance to reach civilization (ie. restaurants and stores). I also grew up with a grassy meadow between my parents house and my grandparents who lived on a farm. It only seemed appropriate then that hubby and I built our house just down the driveway from his parents and one of his brothers and his family live next door to us here. My children are growing up almost the same as I did, with family nearby.

8. When I was young, I liked to play endlessly, quietly in my room. I was always married and had nine children. Each of them were named, although I don't remember any of those names any more. I'm not sure why I thought nine was a nice number of children, but I did. I grew up with just one brother, my mom is an only-child and my dad came from a family with five children. Then I married Reed who come from a family with seven children. It doesn't look like we'll make it to nine children in our home, but we've always said that we wanted to have at least three. Is it weird that even throughout the last couple years as we've struggled to make that happen, that I still daydream about #4 and #5? I guess time will tell.

9. While I do have a special fondness for our neighbor's cat, Louie, I am not real big into dogs and cats. Sorry animal lovers out there! They're ok, but I've never had a strong desire to have either one and don't particularly like being around them. Maybe that's because we didn't have pets when we were growing up and my mom is not fond of animals either.

10. I come from a family with a number of women who have 'grayed' early. Yes, I was blessed with those genes and have followed as I've gone through my twenties and now into my thirties. It shouldn't bother me, but it does. As the number increase, so does my feeling for the NEED to keep it colored. Still praying for that PERFECT hair color that is closest to my natural. So far I've been unsuccessful in finding it.

Thanks for hanging in there and reading these not-so-exciting/surprising things about me. If you'd like to join in, consider yourself tagged and leave me a comment and I'll hop on over to your place to read your list!

Have a wonderful weekend!!


  1. OK, now that was fun! Oh, my!

    I could just copy your list, love it! (except the living by family part)

    I would never have guessed you color your hair!! wow, interesting.

    College thing? Me too.
    Animal thing? Me too.
    (they are fine for other people, but not me and don't expect me to pet any)

    OK, I can stand to watch people embarrass themselves though.

    Thanks that was fun, have a great weekend!
    God bless!

    *Oh, yeah, I don't like milk that much, but for baby and nursing I try to drink it, but when not nursing or preggers, I never drink it. Try mixing Ovaltine into white milk, it's delicious and nurtritious and the only way I can drink it.

  2. I am glad you started by saying except for "Louie Cat" may have hurt his feelings...we probably would have never had any animals, except that our kids kept bringing them home...darn kids!!! Well that won't happen anymore. I really didn't know you didn't drink milk...not even with spaghetti?!!! My fav! That was the reason I didn't go to college either and opted for LPN, I knew I wanted to be a stay at home mom...funny how things happen. Fun to read Sarah!

  3. Thanks for sharing, I learned a lot about you :)

  4. Smart about the college thing. I could be saving myself 30,000 of student loan debt if I did the same. But then again I would never have met it was worth it :)

    and I always daydreamed about being married with 12 kids. Crazy!!

  5. Thanks! That was fun!! I may have to join in on this one!! BTW, Husband over here is the exact same way with awkward moments on TV.

    Hope all is well there! {{Hugs}} And PS - 5 more days! What day is the actual ultrasound again?


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