Friday, May 1, 2009

If You Are Like Me.... would LOVE to have this in your home.

Inspired by Tracy and this post filled with photos of all of her glorious organizing lately, I knew I had to get my hands on a label maker.

Those of you who know me IRL or via this blog, you perhaps have concluded that yes, I am a planner and an organizer (and admittedly, perhaps to a fault). How it is that one who organizes as much as myself has not gotten my hands on to as precious of an item as this, is really beyond me!

After spending a short time in my basement storage room this morning, I've done quite a bit of labeling on my storage bins in there. Oh sure, they were all labeled before with masking tape and hand written labels, but now they are beautifully labeled thanks to my new 'toy'. (Oh, if hubby only knew that was how I spent part of my morning..)

When I mentioned the idea of this purchase last week to hubby, he said he'd thought of getting one before but just never had. Ok, that was all I needed. He was in support of my spending the money on such an item. Hey, at that point I even mentioned that maybe that would be a nice Mother's Day gift that I'd really appreciate. Hubby chuckled. I don't think a label maker was exactly on his list of 'best gifts to give the best mommy in the world'. With that, I decided that my next trip to Walmart would entail hunting one of these down. The other day, I found a number of label makers that fit the bill, but my bill also included a minimal price tag. Organizing or not, we are in tough economic times people. To my delight, I found a version of the model pictured above for *drum roll* JUST UNDER $20!! Perfect. It came with one label refill in the package and I also picked up another for under $7. Not bad I'd say.

And really, this is just more evidence that it doesn't take much to please this mommy. I know, I REALLY need to get out more!!

Next on the list: labeling shelves and cabinets in the garage that are filled with hubby's tools.


  1. Oh I love that!!
    I never thought that would be "useful" as I label stuff with tape and white sticking labels...
    Anyway could you post pictures of neatly labelled things..? I'm curious as if this really makes a difference..

    Thanks! :) and enjoy ;)

  2. I have a friend who wants on really bad - maybe I should *splurge* on a fellow mom for Mother's Day...

  3. Yes, I'll try to get some pics. up on here once I've done a bit more.

    Very thoughtful Colleen!! Like I said, Walmart had a pretty good deal on them. I'm sure your friend would be thankful for your thoughtfulness....

  4. You are SO cute! :) Happy labelling!


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