Friday, May 22, 2009


Today marks the end of the school year in our home. Lily has successfully finished her Kindergarten studies and Jonah has successfully finished all that I had intended for him as a 3 year old and will be ready for Preschool in the Fall. Lily's more than ready for First grade in the Fall. YIKES.

Where has the year gone? At times during the winter it seemed to drag on and yet, through most of it we continued on and I was able to witness much growth educationally from Lily. Glancing back at a few of her first attempts at spelling and writing last fall, she has definitely grown in her writing skills and staying on the lines of her handwriting paper!

It's been a successful year and a year of change for all of us as we embarked on this new homeschooling journey, but well worth every day of it!

Now I eagerly look forward to the Catholic homeschool conference next weekend where I'll peruse the vendors to my hearts content and pick out what I think will work for my children in the Fall. How exciting! So much to see and decide on!

Of course, we'll still have plenty of lessons for the summer and lots of crafts as well. I am also considering Boot Camp for both of the kids. Mommy Boot Camp that is. I think we need some work in virtue and character around here. I think we've slipped a bit in that department. There's always plenty to be taught and learned.

A parent's work is never done. But that's okay, I don't mind. I've got a lot to learn yet too!

End of the year picnic:


Teacher & Students:


  1. Congratulations!! Isn't it a good feeling?

    Just remember next weekend, that CHC is not going to be there, if you want to look at their curriculum for 1st grade, you can look at mine, we just finished it and I loved it!

    Great day for a picnic!! I just bought my flowers to plant this weekend!

  2. Yippee for you! Congrats!

    I am so pumped for summer as well. And the little three year old in this house is certainly going to get some virtue/character lessons once my daycare year is over! I cannot wait for all the time I will have with just the 3 of us this summer!

    Congrats again and enjoy your weekend!! God Bless!

  3. Congratulations!!
    wouhou! Enjoy your summer!

  4. Hooray for EVERYONE! Big accomplishment for all three of you! I love the idea of a little end-of-the-year picnic celebration.

    It must be fun to have two such adorable students. ;)


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