Monday, July 28, 2008

More Summer Fun...and "Poor Man's S'mores"

This past weekend we visited my brother's hobby farm a couple hours away where we got together with some family and had a TON of fun!! There was lots for the kids to do since my brother has 18 goats and a few acres to run around and roam, not to mention swim and play! We had lots of time to hang out and talk and even played some fun lawn games. We are so glad we went and added some family fun like this to our summer! Of course, when we get together, there's got to be eating. Trust me, we ATE!! Everything was delicious! Yum! Thanks to my sister in law, we were introduced to "Poor Man's S'mores". Instead of using graham crackers and Hershey's chocolate with your roasted marshmallow, substitute Fudge Stripe Cookies! It's so much easier to eat and doesn't fall apart either! Less ingredients to bring too! What a great idea!! This is something we'll definitely be using again.
Thanks, Lori!
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