Monday, July 14, 2008

Suppertime Prayers

If you were to join us for supper in our home, in addition to our before meal prayer you would also hear a list of prayer intentions offered by our kids (mostly our daughter), that goes something like this: we pray for a baby sister, two more brothers, grandpa's leg and grandpa's leg,Carrie & Mike & Olivia, Joseph & Katie, Josh & Becky's baby, Hannah's knee. So, if you made the list, you can feel honored that you are thought of and prayed for. If not, I guess you need to do something important enough to be worthy of their prayer intentions or that you have some type of injury.
Notice that mommy and daddy are not on the list. I wonder why?? Although, thinking about it, I guess we are in a way since we're supposed to take care of the "baby sister & two more brothers" part!!
Some times other prayer requests get added, however, these are the major ones covered. I'm starting to consider putting the food on the table AFTER prayers have been prayed, BEFORE it gets cold!!
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