Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Outings and Adventures

This summer has been busy. Nothing big, just all the little things that somehow fill the days and weeks. Summer goes by entirely too fast. The kids are growing and enjoy when we have what we call Fun Family Outings or Family Adventures. We've tried to "sprinkle" these events throughout our summer this year since the kids are at that really good age that they will enjoy and remember them. So, since we currently are without a little one in our house and we never know what next summer will bring, we decided on doing a couple 2 day outings as a family. We just returned from another Adventure where we found a great hotel with a water park for little kids (and big ones too!)and plenty of other attractions to enjoy while we were there as well as along the way. Everyone had a great time and it ended up being a relaxing time too. It's fun to begin making family memories and hopefully the kids will appreciate them as they grow and get older. While away, we also had the chance to have an Old Time photo taken. We couldn't resist picking out our outfits and dressing up. The kids were patient while we waited and we had a pretty cute picture in the end. Lots of fun and a neat photo to remember our Family Adventure.
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