Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Marching Toward Spring And A Little Lenten Thought

The days keep ticking and another week begins before I'm even aware of it. I guess this is March and we keep marching along. 

A few things from around home, just to catch up with randomness.

Here's the new printable I have in the kitchen window for this month. I'm finding that this simple monthly act changes up things at the sink, but also keeps me enjoying the seasons/holidays. 
It's a creative and yet inexpensive way to decorate.

After smelling nearly 50 scents at the local Walmart, I decided this one was springy fresh 
and bought it. Thankfully, it was just as lovely when it melted in my plug in warmer. 

The month started out with this view outside my window.

 It made me eager to do some cleaning and I began by taking down a bunch of curtains to launder. 

I also started the task of washing the inside of the windows and the wood work, etc around them. Mission complete! 

This week we've had a couple days off of school for a little break. It's allowed me to catch up on a few things, but also work on a little spring cleaning. 

We're hosting Easter this year, so I better keep on cleaning!

Earlier in the month we were pretty cold outside, so the kids all kept busy indoors.

Which led to more disasters messes than I'd care to count.

A few projects have gotten checked off the list and a couple are getting started. The major project is the basement bathroom.  
No photos just yet. 
The basement has slowly been getting finished, but now with two bedrooms and a school area down there we wanted the bathroom finished. 
It will be a slow work in progress since Reed will be doing a good portion of the work (aside from the plumbing which is not his favorite thing).  Not that he's slow, the time is just limited to focus on it. 

Last weekend was a busy one at church, but after basking in the glorious sun I did get another indoor project complete.

I repainted our main upstairs bathroom back in January a gray color. I wanted to change the sheer curtain that had been in there, but was undecided on fabric. 

Last week I scoured the local JoAnns and found a fabric I liked for 40% off. 
With such a small window I only needed to grab one yard and spent maybe $5 on it.

Less than an hour worth of work and I had my new half curtain. I only wanted enough of the window covered for privacy (even if it is just facing the backyard and is on the second floor), but allowing plenty of light in. 

We also celebrated Pi Day last Saturday because I actually remembered the day before and made a note of it. That happens nearly never. 
Reed took the time to whip up an apple pie for us to enjoy. Yum.

Lastly, we come to the latest project on my to-do list that came to fruition on Sunday. 

Our diocesan newspaper has a Lenten Pay It Forward project that provides 'seed money' to three projects each Lent. They ask for submissions for worthwhile projects that anyone across the diocese can participate in. 
Thanks to a little nudging, a friend of mine at the diocese suggested in January that we submit a project. Feeling like I was quite inadequate to take on a charitable project, I almost passed it up. 
Upon further thought and prayer, along with conversation with my husband we decided to go for it.

I felt so out of my league. This really wasn't a 'normal' thing I'd do and put myself out there in front of other people like this. Well, God's hand was in it and our submission was chosen as one of the three projects for Lent.

I had decided to submit the idea of a Baby Shower that would benefit the local crisis pregnancy center. There they do pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, and pregnancy counseling. Moms and dads can go through an educational program and clients can get the help, support, and baby/toddler items their children need.

With the help of a few other women, we began planning the baby shower and moving forward.

We had just under 20 women join us on Sunday for a baby shower complete with food, games and prizes. It was so fun! 

The outcome was this:

THAT adds up to just over $1000 worth of gifts!!

In addition, we also received cash donations. Our parish hosts an annual Lenten Fish Dinner with a freewill offering. It was decided beforehand that half those proceeds would also go toward our project. Those donations ended up being around $1000 in cash that the pregnancy resource center can use for their needs!

I share this not to toot my own horn. I share it because this project became a hidden Lenten lesson for me. All the preparations and work from our handful of ladies turned into several handfuls of generous ladies. That generosity turned into a mountain of tangible gifts.

The faith of a mustard seed. 

Something small that turned into a really big thing.

That kind of seems like what this Lent is about. Maybe not the big successes or triumphs, but the small ways that I have been stretched. The ways that God still proves how amazingly He provides for me and helps me to grow in a liturgical season that lasts just six weeks.


  1. Love your idea! Our parish at Christmas time has a tree with babies on it and suggested donations to the crisis pregnancy center in our area, we always take one every year and donate, such a good cause! But I think a baby shower with games etc would be a lot more fun and community building!

  2. You have been one busy lady! That is great that you had such success with your service project. My 13 year old is writing a persuasive essay on why abortion is wrong, so we've been talking about ways to support those in crisis pregnancies. I give you two huge thumbs up for your efforts!

    Looking forward to pictures of your basement bathroom. An extra bathroom can make all the difference in a larger family! :-)

  3. What a wonderful project.
    You inspire me, my friend.
    Hope your day was cozy and fun with those precious kiddos!

  4. This cool spring does help to get those indoor projects done.

    You have been busy!

    What a blessing that baby shower is for ...well..BABIES!

    hosting Easter? that is also going to keep you busy!


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