Monday, February 2, 2015

This Girl: She's Three Today

 This Girl. She's my Groundhog Day or my Feast of the Presentation baby.

Whichever I call her, she's one of my most favorite surprises

And she knows it.

This Girl. Is one of the sweetest, most hilarious little girls. 

Except when she isn't. And she gets a little grumpy.

This Girl. Will melt your heart with that girly voice, those eyelashes and her big hugs.

Except when she shrieks at the top of her lungs, makes your heart jump out of your chest and scares you half to death. Every day.

This Girl. She's crazy and silly, but can she can also be sensitive. 

She likes to tag along with her siblings, tries to be included in most everything we're doing and doesn't like to be left out. 

This Girl. Loves Olaf and in a way her sweetness and fun nature kind of make her our own little Olaf.

And so she'll get cupcakes with Olaf on them today to celebrate. 

This Girl. Had me at Hello, just like all the others.

Three years in and she certainly remains my gem. 

Happy Birthday to my Margaret Anne!

For two weeks I'll be the mom of "twins" once again with two three year olds in my household. 
It's kind of fun to say that each year. It makes me chuckle at what mighty plans God has that He delivers in the form of a baby, even when you least expect them. 


  1. Happy happy birthday to Margaret Anne!! She is SO dang cute. How I wish we could get her, her twin ;) and Miss Clementine together. Sending BIG hugs up to you in MN!!

  2. She sure is a cutie-pie! I love her sweet eyelashes. Happy Birthday to her and hope she loves her Olaf cupcakes! What a sweet little blessing!

  3. Happy Happy Happy Birthday to you sweet girl!!!!!
    What a cutie pie!
    Hugs and love from chilly PA!!!!


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