Monday, February 9, 2015

February Fun

It's that time of year again when we are just about ready to scream, put up the white surrender flag and give in to the winter blahs. The calendar tells us it's February and if you're a homeschool mom you know exactly how many days of school are left (ahem, that would be 74 for us).

Thankfully, this winter has been bearable. Besides that, God knew what He was doing when he blessed and surprised us with two sweethearts born this month. Just the idea of having two birthdays to celebrate, however low key and simplified we do them, they are still celebrations to look forward to. They are two very wonderful reasons to get my act together, stay on task with birthday planning/gift buying, and the days swirl by at rapid speed.

Last week we celebrated birthday #1 and enjoyed pink velvet cupcakes with buttercream frosting, decorated with candy Olafs and snowflakes (thank you, clearance aisle). They were a hit!

So were her dress up clothes she received as a birthday gift from us. It seemed odd that she was even more excited over the Firefighter dress up clothes than the Elsa dress. 

She was one happy three year old, content with yummy cupcakes and gifts on her birthday day. 

This past weekend fell smack dab between the girls' birthdays and we celebrated their birthdays with a few family members. 

You better bet there was a Frozen cake!

I went with store bought and had them keep it decorated minimally with just snowflakes/sprinkles. I had found a set of Frozen character toys online that I thought would serve well as cake toppers and toys afterward.  Always thinking I am. 

They worked and the girls were happy to find out that they could play with them later. 

Don't even ask why they are on the counter posing with the cake. They insisted on it. 
Odd angle much?

These crazy girls, my Irish twins. They certainly are hard to capture lately with smiles and looking at mom with the camera. 

Silly Sisterly Love.

You know us, we'll celebrate at least one more time next week on Gianna's birthday day too. 
It falls on Mardi Gras this year, so there's sure to be more cupcakes and other treats to consume before Ash Wednesday.

In the meantime, this week is all about planning for Friday and Saturday.  Besides setting up/decorating and some cooking for our parish Winter Carnival, we're heading to our homeschool group Valentine's Day sledding party get together on Friday. 

Speaking of, are you looking for printable Frozen Valentines?

FREE Printable Disney Frozen Valentine’s Day Cards

There are cute FREE ones over here.

How about Minecraft Valentines?

Scroll down to find them over here.

Saturday you'll find us at our church stirring the chili, snacking on munchies, playing games, hitting the pinata, having Mass with the Bishop, consuming the chili and watching Big Hero 6. 

We're celebrating Big before Lent hits next week.

What are your plans this week? Are you preparing for Lent? 

Let me know since I'm going to need a little help getting around to all that preparing. 


  1. Love you birthday gals, Sarah!
    Enjoy all the celebrating!!!!!
    Here we are schooling, playing board games, and writing out valentines.
    I am still trying to wrap my head around the fact that Lent is approaching.
    I mean seriously!
    I swear Christmas was yesterday.

  2. What cuties! I love the Frozen theme--so much fun when you have a theme to go on. I haven't even counted how many days we have I dare? It might depress me. :) Happy birthday Gianna and Margaret!

  3. Happy Birthday to those sweet girls. Love the firefighter sweet is that!
    So sunny today!
    Looks like some snow on Tues.!
    Love the Frozen theme also!

  4. Ha! I LOVE it! You sure captured some great pictures of the two of them. They look so excited to munch on their Frozen cake. Gosh! And I know what a handful your Irish twins can be, but they look adorable and innocent and as sweet as pie in those pics up there:)

    PS - Frozen valentines and Mine Craft valentines?? You are speaking our language!

  5. Love the Irish twins!! And do you cut their hair the same just to confuse people even more? (just teasing, it's adorable!!)

    Love birthday celebrations....such fun memories filled with LOVE!

    The Frozen cake? Perfect!

    Valentines day this year consists of (package) cinnamon rolls shaped in the shape of a heart (you know the canned cinn.rolls?) anyway...a small dollar candy box from mama and later we will decorate the giant sugar cookie heart I baked. (from a package mix) We are crafting with what we have and making due. Swimming right after this!

    LENT...I found a beautiful novena via Holy Heroes blog (no idea how I found it, maybe through the emails I get?) anyway, it's to The Holy Spirit and it is beautiful...I'm loving it. It ends the day before Lent hopefully my heart will be in the right place....

    Our lent will be going back to MN. Ha!

    Love to you.
    Happy birthday and God bless your sweet little girlies!

  6. Hi, what beautiful girlies you have & happy birthday to them. Our girls are teenagers now but dressing up for the & their brother was mandatory for birthdays and Christmas! Many a time have they gone to church on Christmas Day as Princesses and our son as Buzz Lightyear. For Lent I'm really going to make an effort to spend more time with The Lord. Whether in prayer/reading His Word. Please I don't mean to sound Holier-than-thou; just that reading the bible has waned - a lot- recently & that's not good. I hope homeschooling brings you unexpected delights. Sammie.


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