Monday, February 23, 2015

February Wrap Up

Sometimes things happen and days turn into weeks around here. Have you noticed?

While I had the best of intentions to post birthday and Valentine's photos last week, a bad tummy bug hit a couple of us here. It's odd for me to get sick and then even though I was technically 'down' and had so much time on my hands, I still wasn't feeling well enough to even pick up a book to read.
So there goes any productivity, even on the sickbed. Sad and unfortunate.

Finally bouncing back and praying to the good Lord that the last three remain unscathed, I'll quickly try to attempt a wrap up via photos and we'll call February finished even if the calendar says it's not quite.

Two days of fun began with our homeschool group's annual sledding Valentine's party.

The big kids each made Valentines boxes for the exchange with the other kids. Each of them created their own themed box and used their unique creativity (and the help of Pinterest).

Lily went with the Frozen theme and did Elsa's castle in box form. Surprisingly, no other kids went with Frozen so hers was unique. 

Jonah is my super-creative, sometimes over the top, but has trouble putting his B-I-G ideas into action, child. He wanted to go with the Lego movie theme and created the Double Decker Valentines box. (click the photo to see the speech bubbles)

Another project knocked out of the park and completed on time. 
Again, another unique box among the others. 

The following day was Valentine's Day and our parish's annual Winter Carnival, an all afternoon and evening affair. The worst part was that the temperature was frigid cold and the actual lack of snow put a damper on some of the outdoor activities. 

There were indoor and outdoor games for the kids along with horse drawn wagon rides through town as well. The little kids especially enjoy the indoor games with prizes and the creation station activities. 

The kids warmed up by the bonfire outside during the scavenger hunt Reed put together. 

In the evening, our Bishop joined us for Mass and chili supper. A tradition our priest, Fr. M started last year was an evening movie with the kids. This year it was Big Hero 6. The kids think it's a pretty big deal to watch the movie with the priest and at church. 

Before Mass, we've also started the tradition of doing a pinata. 
You may remember Olaf from last year when we watched the Frozen movie?

This year one of the moms who helps plan the event made the cat from Big Hero 6, Mochi. It was pretty awesome and must have taken a lot of time. 

As with last year. another huge hit and another successful winter carnival.

The following two days were when Margaret got sick and I followed. Feeling like we'd both bounced back, Tuesday was Gianna's 4th birthday. No birthday post for my sweet girl because I hadn't had time to prepare it, but we did a little bit of celebrating. Since we'd already celebrated the two girls together, her birthday was simplified and my parents spent the day with us. 

I was still on the mend and hadn't any idea the next couple days that followed I'd relapse with the ickies. Please pardon the less than stellar family photo, but I guess they can't all be perfect. 

Now you know how we roll around here. 

With that, we survived the next few days and I had one more down for Thursday. 

How's your Lent going so far? Let's just say mine has started off with knocking me down and running me through the wringer. I joked with someone when I said I thought Ash Wednesday was perhaps my last. That evening I was pretty sure that the next 39 days of Lent were gonna be smooth after that ride. 

We had one or two days with temps in upper teens and then the cold blast is going to be here again. 
I guess we're getting the cold January weather in February instead. Crazy winter!

We took advantage of the sunshine and bundled up to at least get some fresh air. 
After last week being cooped up, I needed it.

The girls didn't want to come inside and instead looked at me through the door as I warmed up indoors. 

Poor girls, they just want to be outdoors running around like hooligans and riding trikes and bikes again. 

Heck, I do too. 

Here's to March around the corner and warmer days at my window. 


  1. I hear you, bring on Spring!! I am so glad you're over the ickies.

  2. Yay for feeling better!
    Yay for your Valentine boxes!
    Yay for the sweet pictures of your family. : )
    And yes...I have a little 5 year old who is WAITING for bikes and swings and sidewalk chalk and bubbles!!!!
    Have a blessed, cozy day!

  3. I do hope your weather warms up sooner than later!

    So that carnival sounds like a total blast. Hmmm...maybe my kids and I should head up that way next year and crash it with you! (You know, I'm only half joking?!)

    I think it is so wonderful and amazing that your parish priest gets down to the kid level and participates as much as he does. That is fabulous. Kids need to be around their parish priests and see that they are human beings that can be approached and talked to beside talking to them in the confessional.

    I'm glad you are all feeling better, too, btw!

    Oh! And those card holders Lily and Jonah created? Way cool!

  4. Super cute CAT pinata! I loved that movie. There a lot of talent here with the cat and valentine boxes. Looks like the kiddos have been busy!

    I am not minding the cold. Too many indoor projects that need to get done and I still cannot find the time!


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