Friday, June 13, 2014

June Garden {link up}

While everyone else is busy posting their Friday Quick Takes, I thought I'd jump in on Cari's garden party a week late. I had taken the photos and had them all ready, so heck, why not?

garden tour

While winter took near forever to leave, since spring has arrived we've had a lot of rain. It's a good thing, but not for all farmers and gardeners who couldn't/still can't get their planting in.

Thankfully, between some rains a few weeks ago I was able to get our seeds and plants in the ground. I was one of the fortunate ones.

The vegetable garden is fenced in to keep the neighborhood deer population out.

This year in the garden we have yellow and green beans, carrots, lettuce, spinach, squash, tomatoes, peppers, broccoli and watermelon (Jonah's request, but we're skeptical our growing season will be long enough to produce).

Moving along in the yard we pass our latest development: a chicken coop. Now if said rains would give us a break so we can finish this project, I'd be happy. I'll keep you posted.

In the front yard, right in front of the wrap around porch are two terraces. The top one has shrubs that provide a bit of a screen for annoying neighbors. What? I've never told you about the campground park across the driveway with loud, nosey, insensitive inhabitants. Ok, I won't tell you today either. Let's pretend I live in a beautiful wonderland with no weirdo neighbors in the summer.

The front terrace has perennials that I have grown there for years and divided a few several times. This spring I divided the hostas thinking I had done my job well. Now that they are leafed out I see that a MAJOR divide will need to happen again next spring. 

For the life of me the name is escaping my brain what the first flowers are called. The pink ones were a new addition last year and are spreading quite well. They are a dwarf creeping baby's breath.

Moving along to the south side, this is my biggest and probably favorite garden. It's Natalie's Garden by name. After years of hard work and expansions, it is quite prolific and thriving even after a hard winter.

I painted that little bench last year from a white and I have so enjoyed the color-pop in with the greens.

A few of my beauties that are blooming already. The dark purple one on the left is spiderwort and it started from two plants but has replanted itself in a few other spots in the garden now too. The light purple one (again, name escapes me and therefore perhaps I shouldn't write posts in the AM hours) was an addition that Reed picked up from a greenhouse last year. It's delicate blooms and greens are pretty this time of year.

These cute pansies are Lily's addition. She had these pansies in her bedroom window last year. She nurtured them and they failed to bloom last summer. Late in the summer she planted them in the garden and we tried not to break her heart when all winter she eagerly anticipated their reappearance this spring. Boy were we wrong! One day, she noticed that these little annuals had indeed survived winter. And lo and behold, they even started to bloom!

She's pretty proud.

My new Mary statue has a few flowers to surround her and more will be coming. I told you she'd be the perfect addition to this garden and she is!

Finally, in the backyard is where the hostas thrive. It's also a mosquito haven so they are most appreciated from the deck or my kitchen window. Again, these hostas were divided this spring. Another divide will happen next year too I guess. Phew. They are so beautiful right now due to the ideal hosta weather I guess.

The creeping white and green leaf in between is dead nettle. A very good plant for ground cover if you would be looking for one.

Behind that hosta box garden is this hosta garden. It has a few petite daylilies, coralbells and mums thrown in there for color. Unfortunately, the coralbells don't seem to be thriving and surviving back there.

I have an old stove under the tree that has a couple of dusty miller and moss roses inside.

I almost forgot! To adorn the front door I have this new addition:

The chair came from my grandparent's house. After they moved to the nursing home last fall and grandpa's passing in December, the family went through their things. A couple of us got these chairs. Each of us have painted them and are using them as accents with flowers at our homes. I just painted my mom's in a candy apple red which is perfect for their yard. This project will get completed when hubs gets a chance. He'll cut out a hole in the seat of the chair so the pot sets in there. Hopefully these trailing plants will then do their job and cascade beautifully over the chair. We'll see.

Hopefully you've enjoyed a bit of my garden tour to kick off your weekend.We'll see how things are growing next month and I'll post more photos.

Remember to click over to Cari's to check out all the other wonderfully creative gardens.

Have a great weekend and enjoy honoring your Fathers and Husbands on Sunday!


  1. Wow, your yard looks so nice!!!! It's like a relaxing retreat!

  2. You are so good!! I wish I knew as much as you and wouldn't kill everything I touched!!

  3. I'm so jealous! I love love love your gardens! I imagine the two of us walking with our parasols arm in arm! Love the colored benches!

  4. Your yard is gorgeous. I wish I had a hosta touch like you do- mine were divided last year, and are all still struggling.

  5. Oh, my gosh, you live in heaven already!! Love all your flowers...I'm trying to catch up a little, I have not been reading much dang busy!


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