Monday, August 19, 2013

What's That I Hear?.

Christmas Music!!

Last week began Week One of roughly four more months of hearing my kids practicing their Christmas recital pieces. Uh huh, I will be hearing O Come, O Come Emmanuel in my sleep, people.

And, if history repeats itself, Jonah will still be practicing DAILY his piece well into next April.

I better keep working on my Swagbucks toward Christmas gifts now that I'll be reminded each day how swiftly it's coming. Or not coming.

Maybe I'll even splurge and get a pair of earplugs. Not that their playing is bad, but the repetition of Christmas tunes in the August heat gets old pretty fast.


  1. Noooooooo! I refuse to listen to Christmas music until the day after Thanksgiving. Even then, I get sick of it by Christmas :)

  2. Love me some festive Christmas tunes! : )

  3. One year, our church sang every (EVERY) song to the tune of Oh, Come Oh, Come Emmanuel. Used to be my favorite song....OK, it kind of still is.


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