Wednesday, August 14, 2013

At My Door Unexpected

 Pope Francis arrived at our house last week.


Well, we have this really nice seminarian who became transitional Deacon this June.  He studies at the PNAC in Rome and via email this spring I happened to mention how the girls are infatuated with Pope Francis. In his spare time, he went on a quest in Rome to find a children's book that had the new Pope in it. No such luck. Although he did find that they are in the works and should be out soon, so be advised!

Any who, he thought the girls needed a picture of the Pope for their very own.

I can't tell you how excited they were when I pulled it out of the package.

Seriously, I wish I had a camera handy. They grinned from ear to ear and simultaneously shouted


They love that guy.....

And tell him goodnight and blow him kisses at naptime and bedtime since the picture is hung in their bedroom. 

The cutest.thing.ever.

I sure hope he feels the love from our home to Rome.


  1. So...can anyone send this post over to Pope Francis?? I know he'd love it :) Connections, anyone?

  2. And this is perhaps the most adorable thing. Ever. : )

  3. Love them. Ava looks at our picture of Pope Francis on the fridge and regularly greets him "Hi Pope!". These girls would get along well!

  4. How precious!

    Possibly future nuns?


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