Thursday, November 8, 2012

A Guest Post From My Eldest

Lily seems to have a fascination with my blog and all things held within it. I'm not sure why she enjoys re-reading my posts that I've written, especially when most are just photos and it's all things that she has witnessed IRL. However, I won't turn away any Hopeful Heart fans, including my daughter.

I told Lily she could write a short guest post answering questions I gave her.

I guess she is more of a short and sweet type blogger and no need for extra fluff. I prodded gently guided her to get more to her answers, but you get what you get.

Without further ado, my resident guest blogger, Lily.......

Use three words to describe yourself:


If you could have a day where you do anything you want, what would you do?

I would go to a water park,have a pedicure, and go out for lunch with friends.

What is your favorite meal?

My favorite meal is my Mom's lasagna. Yummy!!

Who is your favorite Saint and why?

My favorite saint is St.Agnes. I like that she was a younger saint and I like in her story that it says 'her wrists were so tiny that the chains slipped right off her arms'. It reminds me of myself because I am kind of petite and have small wrists too.

Do you have a favorite prayer?

The Guardian Angel prayer is my favorite. I like asking my angel for protection and knowing that my angel is always watching over me.

What kind of work do you want to do when you grow up? Why?

When I grow up I want to be an assessor, because my Dad is an assessor. It seems like the work would be kind of fun, but still challenging.

What is your favorite season? Why?

My favorite season is summer, because I get off from school,can go swimming, and get together with friends.
I don't like winter because of the icy roads, so that would definitely not be my favorite.

If you could meet in person any blogger's kids, who would you choose?

I would like to meet Patty's kids.**

**Disclaimer: I made her chose someone and she did have difficulty deciding. It wasn't that she didn't want to meet all of you or your kids, but given two seconds to decide her choice was the 'ones from Texas'. Sorry, ladies. Texas always wins. Right, Patty?


  1. I love this idea! I think I might have to steal it soon :)

    And she is such a sweetheart...I love her reasoning for why she like St. Agnes (tiny wrists)!!

  2. That was precious! And now I'm going to have to go look up "assessor" because I have no idea what one does.

    1. Funny, Barbara, none of us really knows what he does either. lol. When my kids play 'assessor', they just write on a lot of paper, jot down numbers and go to a bunch of meetings. :)

      Real answer: they determine the market value used to calculate property taxes on a property.

      Truthfully, they are often some of the least liked people in city or county government. Ideally, a good, honest, faith-filled person would hold that kind of position or they could really let their position go to their head. Thankfuly, the city my husband works for has that. Even if they don't realize it :)

  3. OH my gosh! Just getting around to reading this and how gosh darn cute! She is so sweet, especially when she mentioned the petite arms and wrists of St. Agatha and compared them to herself. Tell her she did a fantastic job blogging. My kids are in bed but I will definitely show her "guest blog" off in the am! They will be tickled pink to know she would love to meet them. Give her a big hug from us!

  4. Just checking in BBF...everything ok?

    1. Thanks for thinking of me. All is well. Just busy, busy. Hope to post soon :)


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