Thursday, November 1, 2012

A Dallop Of Halloween

On tap for today, All Saints Day: NO SCHOOL (we observe Holy Days as holidays), pin the halo on the Saint, Saint memory card game, Name the Saint Quiz and Saint Puppets (tons of ideas over at Catholic Icing).

Perhaps I'll post photos later, if I remember and the little girls cooperate and give me a free minute.

Happy All Saints Day!!


  1. Your kids are so cute! Greta's face is cracking me up in that pumpkin photo. Is Jonah going to reuse that costume as St. Maximillian Kolbe?

  2. Looks like so much fun -- Greta is a hoot!!
    Enjoy your day!!!

  3. adorable! such cuties! I hope they all enjoyed their treats!

  4. Looks like a wonderful day, with more to come today, Sarah! Enjoy!

  5. They are so cute, I especially thought Jonah's costume and Greta's face were so cute! Happy feast of All Saints! I can't wait until Elizabeth is a bit bigger and we can do all those games for the Feast Day!

  6. Those costumes are so cute. I think it is a wonderful idea to observe holy days of obligation as no school days! I'm sure your kids don't mind:)


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