Friday, November 16, 2012

7 Quick Takes: Checking In

When one leaves their blog for a week, the world begins to wonder.....or does it?

Thanks to a shout-out today from Colleen, it was the kick in the pants I needed to stop in and let you know that I did not fall off the face of the earth. Or the blogosphere.

That's right, Mr. President, you didn't get rid of me that easily.

While my heart and hopes were a bit shattered last week, I picked myself back up, rallied the troops and declared that this is where the rubber hits the road.

Never mind. I'm not getting into that today.

Instead, I'm just gonna tell you what's up and assure you all is well, if not just a tad bit busy.


Last week, Miss Gianna decided to take matters into her own hands and give potty training a whirl. After several days of sitting and trying, one day she finally tinkled just a bit.

While I thought it was a fluke because my big kids weren't the least bit interested until around age three, we pressed on. Guess what? Every day we keep on trying and each day she goes potty at least once or twice. To keep me on task with getting her to the toilet and with sticking to it, yesterday she decided to go #2 as well. Woohoo!! A repeat performance today as well.
We'll see what happens from here and we are trying pull ups off and on, but I'm gonna keep encouraging as long as she keeps trying.
Go Gianna!


Not to be out-done by the growing-up-too-fast committee, Margaret decided to finally give the stairs a try. She succeeded. She is also pulling herself up by things and almost thinking about walking around them.

While the cushions were off the couch the other day, she decided to crawl up on the couch and crawl back and forth.
She thought she was pretty darn smart. Until she rolled off the couch. And then she tried it all over again.

Busy, busy little ladies I've got here.


Hubby took the day off work last week and took the big kids on a field trip. Our homeschool group was going to a nature preserve for a nature hike and other activities.

The kids had a lot of fun learning about wildlife and their habitats and playing games.

The indoor rock climbing wall was a hit as well.

I'm so grateful that Reed has a job that he can take time off and enjoy some of these activities. It works well these days so the big kids can get out with the group and I can stay home with the little girls.


Have I mentioned here that I'll be a great-auntie again in the next few weeks? Yup, great niece or nephew #7  is due December 15. I went to a baby shower last weekend for this little one, my niece's first child.

While it would be cute to add a photo of the super cute shower, I have none. Instead, insert here a cute growing belly mama, excited family and a Classic Winnie the Pooh shower theme. Trust me, the hostesses were VERY cutesy-cutesy and matchy-matchy in the decor. Pinterest would be proud!!

Can I also make another mention?

Not to be out-done in generosity, God's adding more to our extended family brood in the spring too. I have TWO more greats entering the world then as well. Two of our nephews are adding to their families again. Hooray!


Who's ready for Christmas? Um, me neither.

Working on shopping and online shopping like a crazy woman, whenever I get the chance. I'd like to be finished or nearly there by Advent. It really does make my Advent so much more meaningful and calm. Spending time at home preparing and less time in the store listening to the same old Christmas song they've been playing since October, definitely keeps me more focused on Advent.


Thankfully, Swagbucks (see sidebar if you want to sign up) helped me earn lots of gift cards in the last several months and they are helping with the Christmas budget. I cashed my swagbucks in for lots of Amazon gift cards and a number of Walmart ones as well. Every little bit helps, that's for sure.

In addition, I will be thankful to my parish this year for helping with the budget. In October I took a very minimal part time (more like volunteering, but getting paid for the time) position at our little parish. Since we are twinned with a larger parish where the secretary works/parish office is located/rectory is, our small parish felt a bit left out. Our new pastor agreed with parishioners that having a contact person here to tie up loose ends, take care of odds and ends, make phone calls, arrangements for things, etc, etc, was a good idea.

Enter ME. I applied for the position because a) I could work around my at-home schedule, b) I wanted to help out a bit more at our church and c) I really missed working for the Catholic church.

The timing seemed ideal and now seemed like the time. Thankfully, Fr. Michael is really one of those ideal priests to work for/with as well. So far, it's a good thing. A very good thing.


This evening we're going to attend a White Mass. Have you ever heard of one? I hadn't.

A local Catholic physician asked  a nearby priest to have one here and he is going ahead with it. A White Mass is specifically offered for health care professionals, but anyone can attend. Since we are friends with a couple of very good Catholic physicians and one of them is our family physician, we feel like we really need to attend.  They need our support and prayers as they face a lot of opposition when they stand up for their morals and beliefs. With the HHS mandate around the bend, they're gonna need those extra prayers.

Happy Friday and Happy Weekend!



  1. Oh, those little girls of yours are just the cutest in the world! They look as if they look alike, yet are completely opposite in personality...time will tell I'm sure!

    ONE year I had all my Christmas shopping done early and kept finding better deals and better finds and wished I'd waited. Now, I like just going with the's all part of Advent, shopping, baking, lights, decorating, etc...
    Now this year, I need to be done completely wrapping and everything by the 17th, before Sim's surgery...

    congrats on being a great auntie! Thanks on info on a "white Mass" I'd never heard of it.

  2. You are way too young to be a great anything!

    I'm so excited you are joining the workforce with me!!

    I am so impressed at Gianna taking the initiative to potty train. We go through lots of m&ms in this house to make it happen.

    Thanks for checking in!

  3. Happy to see your name pop up on my dashboard, Sarah! Can see by those adorable pictures why you have been busy...such exciting news in your family as well. I have been shopping online too. I am NOT a shopper! Black Friday finds me in my cozy home with my littles decorating in our jammies!

  4. Very cute little girls! I am amazed you are getting one potty-trained..amazed and a little jealous..mine will not even think about it.

  5. That is so great that you are able to have a new very flexible part-time job. What a blessing! I really enjoy Advent and Christmas, so I am getting ready for the season. Like you, I have to get on that shopping! Happy weekend and thanks for sharing about the White Mass, I have never heard of one!


You're so kind for dropping me a line!

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