Monday, August 13, 2012

She's A Gem

Lest the poor little girl, child #4, ever look back here and think she was lost in the shuffle, I'm finally posting a 'she's-already-six-months-I-cannot-believe-it-oh-my-gosh-how-did-this-happen-and-I-didn't-post-photos-sooner' post.

You know, because life happens. And kids were sick. And it's summertime.

Our little Margaret (aka Greta, you may call her either), turned six months. She most certainly has lived up to her given name while in utero, Baby Gem. She is pretty easy going, rarely really cries and lives life in wide eyed wonder as she keeps an eye on the other resident hooligans.

And while she has had to roll with the punches (and head-butts) from Gianna who sometimes loves her a little too much, she is starting to bring out her personality.

She is learning that when her little big sister is laying near her and she can get a handful of hair, she can get a really good response if she pulls really hard. I think she's learning what payback is.

Margaret has now sprouted her second little tooth and seems fascinated with it as she is also moving that little tongue like crazy.

She has decided that eating is way too much work and either doesn't like the texture or taste of neither her cereal, veggies or the fruit we just tried the other day.

When she isn't busy watching the kids and tracking their every move, the wheels in her little head must be turning on how she can become more mobile. Last week she decided to give scooting a try and will do that in addition to rolling around all over in an effort to keep up with everyone.

She truly is a precious addition that has blessed our family so much. Again, God proved that He had a very wonderful plan set aside for us when He decided to surprise us with another little girl to love.

Happy Six Months, Little Margaret!


  1. Oh my! How sweet! She is a doll! I know how quickly time passes, especiallly with the 4th...our little Flynn is almost 3 already! Have a great day!

  2. She is beautiful! You have one sweet family! Congrats to you for surviving those first six months. :)

  3. Oh man, look at all her hair!! MAggie was practically bald until two! She's so adorable with her chubby and rosy cheeks. What a good little baby :)

  4. Those pictures just make me wish even more that you lived closer to Texas and us! Oh the stories she and clementine could share. Share is such a stunning beauty and has two teeth? And is scooting? Great accomplishments, Greta! You make beautiful babies, Sarah!

    1. Oh I know it, Patty! The fun the girls (and us) could be having if MN and TX weren't quite so far away :(

  5. Oh, I want to kiss those chubby cheekies!!!! Kiss them for me, will you? (I know you will)

  6. What a sugar! She really has a sparkle in her eyes. I think she is going to be a spunky little cutie!

  7. Six months already?! How did that happen?!
    What a beautiful Sweetheart she is! :-)

  8. She is absolutly beautiful; I love her hair; we may have hair envy. You all look like you are doing just great.

  9. Ok, I know She reminded me of Ava, but now she reminds me of Clara here (wonder why... my twins). Clara turned 6mo on the 11th. I've yet to post. I'm way behind on posting... but I don't have to explain to you, do I?


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