Thursday, August 16, 2012

Magic Baby Bottom Cream

In my almost ten years of motherhood, I have only a couple of times had a baby with diaper rash and not even remotely serious.

So, when Gianna got severe sore bottom the other week when she was sick and she had horrible sores, I cringed and my heart broke as she screamed with every diaper change. And when the toddler has diarrhea, you know I was changing A LOT of diapers.

After trying so many diaper creams without relief for my poor Boo-Boo Girl, I called our favorite doctor. He sent a prescription right away for me to pick up at the store. After driving the almost half hour to the store, having to submit insurance information, waited another half hour and then finally go to pick it up and they tell me there's a problem. Oh, wonderful.

The pharmacist comes to inform me that because all of the ingredients in this compounded prescription formula can be obtained over the counter, the insurance won't cover it. Thankfully, I ended up with a very nice pharmacist who went out to the store aisles and grabbed all I needed. She wrote down the ingredients and amounts, gave me directions to mix them all up and then gave me a plastic tub/jar like they would've given me had they mixed it up there.

After about the second application, Gianna's bottom was SO MUCH better. I thought I had to share this mixture with all of you, in the event you are ever in my shoes and need sweet relief for your child. Perhaps many of you have heard of this before, but since I hadn't I thought I may not be alone.

Total cost for all of the items was just under $11 at my local Walmart and so worth it!!!

Mix the following together and store in a sterile covered container. Apply three times daily.

*Petroleum Jelly (30g)
*Bacitracin (30g)
*Hydrocortizone cream 1% (30g)
*Anti-Fungal cream/Athlete's Foot cream (Clotrimazole) (30g)

**Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional and obviously would encourage you to check with your doctor before trying this cream if you have serious questions.


  1. Those sores on the bottom are so awful! Coconut oil, the pure unrefined stuff like Nutiva, also works wonders! I'm glad you found a solution that worked quickly.

  2. With the 5th baby, we finally found what works for our kid's bottoms.. Are you ready for it? BABY POWDER!! That's it. We tried lotions/creams/prescriptions for the other kids, and since Xander was born, we sprinkle baby powder in with every diaper change, and he's yet to get a rash! Easy and cheap!

  3. Good to know and thanks for sharing! I can't believe the ins wouldn't cover that though. Seriously! And what a great pharmacist that was helping you. Poor baby's bottom. That had to just be so painful.

  4. I agree with Patty. Bull about the Insurance, but happy that you were able to share the ingredients with us. Poor baby boo :(

  5. I had this same thing happen last week. I was getting our "poop goop" refilled - notice I say refilled which means insurance covered it the first time. This time, however, they did not cover it. Thanks for posting the magical ingredients. I was almost willing to pay the $75 for this magical cream to calm sore bottoms. What a blessing that you had a wonderful pharmacist who gave you some extra time and attention!

  6. For times when you don't need all the medicine but want some good protection, like during bouts of diarrhea, a pharmacist friend use to mix us equal parts of maalox and aquaphor. It was magic! It is not cheap but a lot less than the medicinal kind you needed.

  7. I am so glad I checked in. Madalena has a terrible case, and I was actually going to call the doctor today. I will be getting this stuff and giving it a try. You are an awesome blog friend.


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