Monday, April 4, 2011

Working For Me Workouts

Or otherwise titled 'I *love* Leslie Sansone'!!

I've been a fan of Leslie's Walk at Home workouts for a while and have used a 30 minute quick walk, as well as her Walk Slim 4 Fast Miles in the past.

After reading a number of posts from Jamie about her workouts, I was eager to once again jump in with Leslie. Just as before, I'm loving it!! The workouts have been perfect for me postpartum and ideal when getting outside isn't possible due to the weather or even to fit in while Gianna naps. Leslie keeps the workouts fun with her laughter and high spirits and she doesn't annoy me as much as some workout DVD's tend to do. I like that she keeps with the same simple moves in her series, but increases the intensity along the way too. It's easy to follow along and not become frustrated. That's MY kind of workout!

I went online at Walmart to order two more DVD's and I'm really liking these as well.

The Three Mile Walk even includes some of Leslie's walkers who have lost significant amounts of weight and are still on their weight loss journey. It even has "Mary Kay's mile" which is one of the other women leading that mile, instead of Leslie. A fun way to change things up a bit!

The Two Mile Hips & Thighs came along with the fit cuff in the box to work on those problem areas. I'm enjoying adding this one to the mix too.

It feels so good to be exercising again and feeling fit and healthy too! I highly recommend giving any of her DVD's a try!


  1. These do look great for it just walking, or does she do other moves?

    You were definitely missed from our table on Saturday :(

  2. Oh, I love the baby pictures in that last post--Gianna is just beautiful!

    Yes! After a week of non working out (lots of walking though) I'm excited to get back to it!!

    I love the hip/thigh strength training part, but not the workout, it's just her and a little boring for me.

    Glad you are finding time to workout!!

  3. Colleen-mostly walking/power walking, but she keeps it moving so you aren't standing in the same place the whole time. She includes arm movements/exercises and also has her 'signature' moves throughout that include knee lifts, side steps, kicks, etc. to keep the pace too and change it up. I find that those are all highly effective as well and don't get me bored with just walking.

    In the past I've found her DVD's on Netflix and tried them there initially. If you want to try without buying first, check that out!


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