Saturday, April 9, 2011

First Communion Gift Ideas?

Lily's First Communion is in three weeks and we're struggling to come up with a simple gift to give our daughter. We want her to have something to remember the special day in her sacramental life, but just can't seem to come up with the perfect idea.

I already know that our parish gives each child a rosary and that she is also getting a nice prayerbook from one set of grandparents. She has already received a pretty rosary bead bracelet with a chalice charm to wear that day. She also intends on wearing a gold cross necklace that she wore on her baptism day.

So, what do we get her?

It's also unique and extra special that on the day she receives Jesus for the first time, it is the Feast of Divine Mercy and also is the same day of the beatification of Pope John Paul II. I'm not sure if we should somehow incorporate one or both of those in the gift?

Please Help!!

What did you give your child? Any unique, inexpensive, memorable gift ideas out there? I'd love to hear them!


  1. We purchased a SS bracelet and SS charms of the sacraments: Baptism, Reconciliation and Holy Eucharist. We will add the Confirmation charm when she receives that sacrament. It is a beautiful rememberance of her special day (s).

    I believe I had found it at Catholic Company and saw another their two years ago.

    For our second daughter, she had desired a Miraculous medal. I found a beautiful SS one in the shape of a heart. The heart had this gorgeous blue enamal over it. Very youthful looking but something she could easily switch to a charm bracelet if she wanted to.

  2. My favorite and will do it for each child now--is Sarah's Clay rosaries and bracelets. Katherine was so excited to receive it, she knew we had bought one for a gift for someone else and was totally surprised I got her one too!!

    They are a little spendy, but she makes all those beautiful, meaningful beads by hand. Better than that, she is my good friend's daughter. Sarah has been making these beautiful rosaries since she was a teen. (that's when I met her!) She gives a little symbol key, each bead has a meaning.
    (so she's from MN!)

  3. Oh, yeah, go to my blog and on the right side, go way way down, click on "First Holy Communion" (subject) and see my 3 posts on the day and what we did....just for some ideas.

    (you don't have to)

  4. Leaflet Missal has a lovely FHC keepsake box. We have given one to each child to hold their cards and things along with a frame.

  5. We gave Emma (TODAY!!!) a necklace and bracelet with chalice charms, AND Tim, my sweet husband wrote Emma a beautiful, emotion-filled poem that we framed for her. It was the perfect gift.
    He will write one for our sweet boy next year, too. :)

  6. I need BOY ideas!!

    We are giving my goddaughter a charm bracelet with a cross and a shamrock on it (she's named after St. Bridget).

    My son is asking for a video game, but I want him to have something a little less secular :)

  7. I got a very nice lace hanky with the date in it and a little blue trim. It was then saved for me to use for all the other sacraments of my life (I have knowb people to start this as a bonnet for baptism) I LOVE it. I had it at my wedding and carried it on the days my kids entered the Church!

  8. Ohh, also, my dad gave me a rose that day to show me what a beautiful gift I and how beautiful the sacrament makes me. I would NOT let it go and took it with me to Church. I felt like real lady, a grown up, getting a rose from my daddy and being old enough to take the the Lord! A great memory for a daughter!

  9. I would definitely try to incorporate St. Faustina or JPII into it somehow! I'll keep thinking. :) What a blessed day that will be!


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