Thursday, April 21, 2011

Celebrating 6!

Jonah turns 6 today and I can almost hardly believe it. Since Gianna's arrival, Jonah seems to have grown by leaps and bounds. Suddenly all of his features seem so much larger, he's taller and more grown up. (Well, except when he's still stubborn/crabby/overtired and all of the little boy behavior comes out) But really, most of the time I'm quite amazed as I watch my little man develop and grow before my very eyes.

Since his birthday falls on Holy Thursday this year, we chose to celebrate last Sunday with cake and ice cream. I was determined not to let another birthday be celebrated with either a Thomas the train themed cake or a train of any sort. I did some scouting around online and found that the Parenting website had a number of great kids cake ideas. Jonah ended up choosing the Wii Remote cake, which is fitting for my little Wii addict fan. I found images of his favorite Mario Kart (his favorite Wii game currently) characters and printed them off to put around the cake. As usual, the prep was a little bit more time consuming and I had to improvise, but in the end it all turned out.

Can you tell how much the Birthday Boy loves his cake?

Happy 6th Birthday to my favorite (and only) son!


  1. Happy Birthday Jonah!

    Sarah - that cake is AWESOME!!! What a great and talented mom you are ~ and with a newborn in the house - wow!

  2. Happy Birthday to Jonah and many blessings wished today for him!!

    Great job on the cake!
    Even though, I've never even seen a Wii remote!!

  3. Happy Birthday to Jonah! Hope you guys had a good day today! We sure did enjoy that cake! :) Thanks again! See you this weekend!

  4. Hope he had a wonderful birthday!!! The cake looks awesome!!

  5. That is a seriously impressive cake, Sarah! Great work! And happy (belated) birthday to Jonah!


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