Friday, June 5, 2015

Friday Photos

We're winding down our first official week of summer time here at our house. 

It was kind of a rough start for a number of reasons and too many random things going on. 

I'm looking toward next week to iron out some summer guidelines 
and perhaps more restful/peaceful days.

Some of us were quite ready for the official school calendar to close (see above). Teacher included.

In ways it does seem that the new year had begun not that long ago, but that was WAY back here

Here are the students and little helpers on the last day of school:

How do they grow up so much during the school year??

Next year we'll have a seventh grader, fifth grader, preschoolers x2, and a newborn. 

I'm gonna need more grace and patience. 

And coffee.

Happy Summer Days!


  1. Happy Summer!!!!!!
    Love your babies...
    Enjoy, my sweet friend. : )

  2. Yeah for summer fun! The kids are always so cute! Hoping we can get together sometime soon!

  3. Ahhh...the perpetual search for grace and patience. I know that one well! :-) Beautiful children - so happy that you've switched to summer mode. Enjoy!

  4. The EXACT same thing happened in my house :)
    Learning to say no.
    May this next week be more relaxed!!


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