Thursday, May 7, 2015

Thursday Thoughts

 I am thinking about....Baby Names.

Anyone else struggle with deciding baby names? As we look ahead to add another child to our humble abode and family, we feel so blessed. The thing is, as we've added more children I also feel the urge to find the "perfect" name that suits baby and our family. I really want to LOVE the name, which is a little silly because I'll love the child and the name falls into place. I find myself toying with names and then coming back to a certain name or two just not quite able to let some of them go. I get a little name crazy, especially when I think "this MAY be our last baby (I have thought that with the last three pregnancies), what names do I think are cute/meaningful and want to be sure to use?"

But then, it's not just about me. I have a husband who needs to try on the names for size too. And then, so as not to be too exclusive, we try the names on with the kids as well. Any ideas how hard that is in a house full of stubborn, determined human beings??!!

I'll tell ya....VERY.

Last night in an attempt to really troll through the deepest, meaningful names that would strike my heart and mind as, I pulled out this book:

My bestie sent it to me in the early weeks of this pregnancy. She must know me well, huh?

I sat down and perused every single page of that book and logged a short list of possibilities. There were perhaps eight names for each gender that made it.

With plenty of wonderful names on both sides of the family used, it kind of cuts down the list you know?

Well then, how about Dagobert? Maxellendis perhaps? (Kidding, of course)

But then, then! I took it to the higher court of baby naming specialists and tried them on for size. 

Do you have any idea how sweet some of those names sound when a toddler says them? Melt my heart with the preciousness. I then ran them by the big kids. I think they could only agree on two names for each gender. Lily gasped as some of her most liked names were poo-pooed by her brother. Inside, a little part of me did too realizing this is going to be harder than anticipated. 

Lastly, we took it to the patriarch. I should have known based on past experience this would be my toughest sell.

Pregnant wife: "I want to run a few names by you and see what you think."

Unaware husband: "I thought we already decided which names we already liked and chose them."

Hormonal person: "Well, sure, but what if there's another REALLY GREAT name we haven't thought of?"

He humored me for two minutes. 

And we came right back to the names he felt we had already settled on. 

Well, I tried. At least I'm settled on the middle names for each gender. 

Now I just need to look at this latest photo of little one and decide whether or not carrying the baby plus going through labor and delivery trumps everyone else's votes.

Who knows, maybe it will be Eutropius or Madalberta after all?

We'll see in September. Until then, our lips are sealed and we'll all have to wait for the final reveal.


  1. Super cute little baby!! We could name a boatload of boys. If we turn into the Martins we are set. It took all of Christopher's pregnancy and half of Meredith to settle on her name. If C had been a girl... who knows what we would have called him. The sigh of relief was in the audible when the tech said "it's a boy" in the ultrasound because we didn't need to keep girl name hunting!! And yes! Labor is the best trump card for naming dibs. Prayers for your family and that sweet babe!

  2. My names change with each new pregnancy...meaning we can NEVER re-use a proposed name that didn't work with a previous baby. I taught before I was home, which means I have some severe, negative name associations due to some challenging students I had. I love that you're not revealing until baby is born. What's anyone going to say when you introduce your baby, other than it's beautiful?! Although, my MIL has been know to say things like, "Oh, that's an interesting name. Guess I'll just have to get used to it." To which I respond, "Yes, I guess you will!"

    Good luck! :-)

    1. So true! Most of our names, we don't go back to. They just don't quite 'fit' with another pregnancy. My husband is very much like you, he has major name associations whether it was a mean kid in school, an actor/actress, or general sound of names. Sometimes, that's even just saint names! ha. Oh, and he's quite opposed to super trendy or overused names.
      I also agree and this time around I'm more at the 'don't even tell anyone our possibilities for names'. If you do, it gives them too much opportunity to verbalize or throw out "well, what about.....". Nope. We even had to tell the kids not to share what names we discuss in our home. Along with gender, we like to all be surprised on the final name and baby reveal on their birth-day. :)

  3. Hello sweet baby!!!!!
    Can't wait to meet you!
    And hear your name. : )
    You know...September 14 is a very good day. Just sayin'.
    Happy Mother's Day, Sarah! : )

    1. I'll keep that in mind, Billie Jo! :) Right now, we're sitting at Sept 12 for a due date and the last ultrasound said Sept 10. Sept is a very busy month with bdays and anniversaries in Reed's family.We even have our anniversary on the 8th and Lily's bday the 21st. My only hope is that maybe, just maybe, baby will get his or her own day. Eek. That may be tough.

      Happy Mother's Day to you too, dear Billie Jo!

    2. September 9th has always been good to me. Only rained that I know of twice in 45 years.

      Just thought you'd like to know many feast days in September!! Exciting!

  4. Can't wait to hear it!! I think you can always go a little more exotic on the middle names, and yes gestating and laboring that baby definitely trumps everybody else's opinion! You know what's so cool? God already knows his/her name...He's just waiting for you to know it too :)

    1. Exotic, ha. You know us, plain Jane. I'm sure the name won't be surprising or anything super 'fun', but I know it will be just right for this baby. I'm so glad that once again, God's got this covered. I can't wait to figure it out :)

  5. Well, I don't know if you've heard our naming story for Francis so here goes...
    After he was born, I sent Dan home with the names Thomas and Philip. The kids were supposed to vote (all 10 of them...what was I thinking?) The next morning Dan calls to tell me the winning name was Francis. At the time, our Joseph was in seminary and when Dan called for his vote he recommended Francis per the other seminarians on his floor. So Francis it was and two weeks later, to the day, we had a Pope named Francis. Not sure I dare say it now, but I really did not like the name at the time!

    I also say Happy Mother's Day to you, sweet Sarah.

    1. I had forgotten your Francis' story, but I don't know if I ever knew the part about you letting the kids vote. What were you thinking??!! lol. That's so brave! I still think it's amazing that just weeks later, a Pope was named as Francis too. Love it!

      Happy Mother's Day to you, dear Kim. I hope Dan and the kids treat you extra special.

    2. I didn't know the Francis story! Love it!

  6. I am not a good one to ask about names. I am totally traditional. Nothing weird!!!!:)

    Love that baby pic! So precious!

    1. Agreed! We are traditional too. Which reminds me, haven't seen one of your posts lately where you share the crazy weird baby names you read in the newspaper. :)

  7. A friend of mine's husband does a spreadsheet with names (after the baby is born) and has about 16 names and comes up with 150 million combos and then they decide.

    We decide before there is a baby to speak of so there are no surprises or disagreements : )

  8. Ha ha! Yes! Carrying, laboring, and delivering trumps it...and my ob/gyn said the SAME thing...and he is a father to 8 kids! It'll come...keep reading and dreaming and thinking :)

  9. Um. Yeah. Labor and carrying a baby totally trumps everyone else's opinions on names. At least that's what I say in our house ;)

    We have a hard time, because my husband is SO traditional. I hate pretty much all the names he suggests. And I like less common, so he has a hard time with mine. But eh. I feel like I'm the one who is struggling with pregnancy and then has to go through labor, so my vote counts for a little bit more ;)

  10. NAMES, NAMES!!! We are about a week out and we are still undecided. I love looking through name books and I'm sure the one from Colleen is helpful! Hope you're feeling well and have a great mother's day!

  11. Awww, hello baby! So sweet. I love ultrasound pics. I will tell you, as our family has grown I've found that the debate over names gets too heated. The kids throw ideas out (like Apple, and Laser) but I am very clear that Mom and Dad choose. Unfortunately for my husband, I usually have a name that "sticks" for me before the baby is even here. So, yes, we joke that Mom trumps all. So far, no objections from the clan. :)

  12. Ok, so wait a minute, are you saying that you already know the gender and just are not telling us? You can tell me, I'll be gone by then! (sad heart about that one)

    That's what I got out of this whole thing, that you already know and are not telling.

    I'm sure we will love the name!! We already love that sweet baby!

    1. ha! Oh,no,no, we don't know baby gender. Clueless. What's worse, I've got no indication None. Although, that does make it so much more fun or sometimes maybe not since I'm such a planner and all. I was just saying we aren't even telling what names we are considering. That way we don't receive everyone's suggestions or ideas or whether they like our names or if they go with the other kids' names, etc, etc.
      You know how it is. :)


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