Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Easy As 1-2-3: Apple Dump Cake

Do you have these three ingredients plus a crock pot?

Then you can make this easy dessert, a great fix it and forget it!


1. Apple Pie Filling

2. Yellow Cake Mix

3. Stick of Butter

I sprayed my crock pot with cooking spray first, but I bet one of those handy crock pot liners would be great too. 

Pour in the apple pie filling.

Sprinkle the dry cake mix over the pie filling and then toss a stick of butter on top.

Turn your crock pot on Low for about 4 hours until the top is golden brown.

Ta-da! That's it.

I served it up warm with a scoop of ice cream. 
5/6 family members were pleased with the result and agreed we should try this recipe again.

This recipe brought to you by: Living-the-life-no-time-to-create-thoughtful-blog-posts-mama.

I think Margaret said it best yesterday. I've gotten used to it knowing this is what happens when spring arrives in Minnesota and homeschool blogger moms are trying to wrap up the school year. 

Happy Tuesday to you!


  1. Amazing!
    And I will try it. : )
    And I have crockpot envy.
    Have a happy day!

  2. That looks great!! How could you have had a hold out?

    1. I have a tween in the house who just seems to be contrary at times. Enough said. ;)

  3. SO.MUCH.BUTTER! But that's what makes it good. Thanks for this recipe. Cannot wait to try it out. Always looking for something new.

  4. Must try! Today! I've made a dump cake in the oven, but never in the crock pot!


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