Thursday, May 17, 2012

Thankful Thursday

Thankful for healthy children who can run, play and enjoy life. And some soccer.

Thankful that she is my helper and usually doesn't mind helping with the little girls. Thankful that she was my first-born and taught me how to raise girls.

Thankful for a boy who isn't at all into sports, but still tries. Thankful that he doesn't stick out (too much) at baseball practice and that not every child there plays like a pro.

Thankful that I was given a son to help me learn a lot of life lessons and a lot about stubbornness.

Thankful that daddy can help him out a bit  on the field and offered to be one of the 'dad helpers'.

Thankful for a toddler who is bursting with personality, cracks me up and yet tests her limits.

Thankful that she reminds me to be grateful for God's wonderful plans in His perfect timing.

Thankful for baby cheeks, a full head of hair and wide-eyed wonder.

Thankful that she reminds me that some of God's most precious gifts are sweet surprises in small packages.

Thankful for content little girls in the stroller who love the outdoors. Thankful that it helps me stay active and walking.


  1. You have lots to be thankful for! They are beautiful! :)

  2. That is a gorgeous, well-loved family.

    1. Yes, well-loved even when they are driving me bonkers. Which is good, because 'bonkers' just happens to be my name these days. lol. Mommy Bonkers. ha!

  3. Cute pics Sarah. Greta is getting so big! We need to get together SOON!

  4. Such cute pictures Sarah!


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