Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Reasons For Hope

Had we lost hope and stopped trying to increase our family size simply because it became too difficult....

I never would've gotten this newest vacuum cleaner model

I never would've beheld the innocence in these beautiful baby blues

I would have missed out on being able to torture my child with this costume on Thanksgiving

I wouldn't be greeted by this child at snack time

I'd miss another helper in the kitchen

We wouldn't have a little girl to call Miss Fancy Pants

Our family would've missed out on this beautiful smile and the girly giggle that goes along with it

This sister wouldn't have a little sister

My heart wouldn't have moments like these to treasure or my eyes have ones such as these to tear up over

I'm find myself especially sentimental during Advent and the Christmas Season. This year is no different, because there were days when being in this place and THIS BLESSED was only a distant hope. I do not forget those days and that feeling. I also do not forget the faith and hope that remained and helped us remain strong.

Especially thankful for my hopeful heart today.


  1. What beautiful post(s)! And that baby of yours has to be one of the cutest babies I've seen :)

  2. Oh my! Those are some great shots of Gianna. And the other kids too!

    Thankful indeed!



  3. Didn't comment on this when it was "hot off the press", Sarah, but this is a truly lovely post. Not as lovely as those little bumpkins, of course, but still. Posts like this are the best of the best.

    Happy weekend!


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