Thursday, December 1, 2011

Fluff And Stuff

I'm feeling fluffy today.

No, not fat kind of fluffy, although my baby bump is certainly growing. More of a do-I-really-have-anything-insightful-to-take-the-time-to-type-into-a-post-because-my-readers-deserve-some-new-material-but-I-just-have-randoms-in-my-head-so-I'll-write-a-fluff-post-instead.

You get all that?

Who doesn't like fluff? I like fluffy teddy bears and fluffy slippers and a big fluffy pillow, don't you? I hope you aren't disappointed, but I'm forging ahead with a pregnancy brain, fluffy post. Feel free to leave now if you'd like. I won't mind and I promise that there will surely be more substance back here very soon.

Here we go:

-I'm trying to get myself into Advent. But, as I said here, my brain is still stuck in September. It's a bummer because this is my absolute FAVORITE time of year. I love the preparation, the decorating, the baking and the family time. Now I just need to jump in and get my head in the season.

-Perhaps the above will be better once I start decorating the house and baking cookies. I love when my house is decorated and smelling of Christmas. The last couple years though it's the setting up all the decor and pulling out the bins that is daunting. I blame the belly. Good thing I've got such a helpful and willing hubby.

-Almost all of the Christmas gifts are bought or ordered. I scored a great deal on my photo gifts for several people, so that thrilled me to no end. And, I was offered an Amazon Prime free trial at the beginning of November, so I've been getting some great deals, plus free shipping. Sweet deal, but a little addicting to just go out on Amazon any time and order anything not worrying about shipping. Normally I'd be waiting and combining as much as I can when I order, but with the Prime I've been an orderaholic. Probably not worth it for us personally to actually purchase the Prime, but a sweet deal if you order a ton.

-The kids are growing up too fast. I know we all say that, but it's true. Lily is turning into such a young lady (already)and she is such a mother hen. She checks in with me daily at least once, asking if I've felt the baby move recently. I've never asked her why, but I think even she likes to have the reassurances. Jonah is keeping busy with constantly transforming and changing his Thomas the train sets and redesigning them. School has a few struggles for him, but we're trying to figure them out and work with them. Speaking of school, we are keeping a steady pace since we just have a few weeks until Christmas break, then another month of school and then baby may arrive any time. We'll see where we go from there.

-As for the little lady of the household, Miss Gianna is keeping us all busy and entertained. She is developing a fun personality and is keen on watching us all the time. She's drinking from a sippy cup, can drink from a straw and will self feed at snack time. I cannot believe she is nine months old!

I had her in to the doctor for a check up the other day and she weighed in at 21 lbs. 3 oz. and 29 inches long. Doing well. She absolutely hated the appointment though and she didn't get to show off her fun personality, funny little grin accompanied by scrunched up nose or hear her little laugh. She cried and screamed the.entire.time. And, that even included when the doctor (her Godfather) was checking her over. (Thankfully, she doesn't usually act like that when we see him outside the clinic)I guess she doesn't like non-family members in her space or at least she doesn't at the clinic.

-I find myself craving things and very hungry this week. Perhaps little Gem is going through a growth spurt? I've never really been one for cravings or to have them that long. Even when I have had them while pregnant, I don't usually give in or make my husband go out and get them for me. Coffee (half-caf) is tasting especially yummy and comforting lately. I try to stick with my one grande cup per day, but some days by mid-afternoon the second cup is calling. Sometimes I give in. And how about those advertisements for the Arby's Reuben? Have you seen them?

That is looking scrumptious right now. I should probably pass though since the sauerkraut may do a number on my tummy.

I think that is about it from here. There you go. How's that for a bunch of fluff?

I hope that your first week of Advent is going well. Please stay tuned here, despite the nonsense. Rest assured that I'm still reading from all of you, despite the lack of commenting.


  1. If this is fluff, then my blog is super fluffy! I love reading about the updates in your life :)

    We decorated for Christmas last weekend and I do LOVE the way the house feels, it definitely put me in the Advent spirit. Although John-Paul said "the house felt more Christmasy last year" - not sure why???

    And man oh man, that Gianna is a doll! I'm sure she will totally be getting into any low tree decorations this year, I always hated that stage when decorating the tree :)

  2. Giana is just adorable. Love that shot of her and I do believe it says a lot about her personality. For some reason, she reminds me of Mabel.

    I'm a little more hungry. Feels better than feeling sick after each meal. That was getting old!

    I'm right there with you and the brain fluff. Seems like we have so much in common ;)

    The shots? Ugh!!!!!! How do you do it?!


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