Friday, October 14, 2011

What's In A Name?

Considering I'm currently going through a baby name quandary of sorts, Simcha's post today gave me a good chuckle this morning.

I just had a baby eight months ago for crying out loud, shouldn't I just use the leftover names we didn't use?

Well, that would just be too easy. And, some of those names just don't feel 'right' this time around.

What's a Catholic girl to do?

And what's the Catholic girl's husband to do for the next four months as she hashes and rehashes names in search of the perfect list?

Poor man.


  1. Fortunately the "poor man" has an endless supply of noncommital expressions, such as "Hmmm" (his favorite), "Mmmm?," "Ah," "I hadn't thought about that one," etc.



  2. Ahhh....the great name debate. We found out we're having a boy, so at least we only have to choose a male name. I can't "recycle" just doesn't work. And I was a teacher before I was home and have MANY name aversions due to difficult students. But, it all works out in the end :-)

  3. It IS funny how we don't rollover our names with each baby either!!!! That's God. God already knows his/her name and it's how He tells us. Those people who name their kiddos fruit, don't listen to God. (I'm sure of it)

    Tom came home with this great list one night, he puts so much thought into it...made me fall in love with him all over again. I just think of St names I like, that's it. He had the saint, what they did,and what the name meant.

    We are narrowed down to:
    Veronica Camille
    Simeon Thomas

    We do throw around Felicity too. I really like the meaning and what the saint was, patron saint of all things mother and baby, and her name means "happy".

    Have fun picking!! I always tell the kiddos while we are discerning the names, that God will tell us and at bedtime, we pray that He show us the name somehow on our hearts.

  4. We struggled soooo much with naming Xander, and then right towards the end, the name just seemed to pop in our heads and we knew it was for him. Colleen is a lovely name...just sayin' ;)


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