Monday, October 10, 2011

We All Have Favorites

Of course I have a number of favorite blogs, but every once in a while I like to check out someone new. Do you do that too?

I've got my if-only-we-lived-closer-IRL-we'd-totally-be-friends bloggers, others who humor me with their posts, those who always leave me with food for thought and some I periodically visit.

I'm looking for a few new places to stop by and read.

Who are a few of your favorites? Who encourages you in your vocation, inspires or leaves you down-right laughing on the floor?

Please share, won't you?

Or perhaps you have your own blog, but haven't commented here in the past. Let me know who you are, I'd love to stop on by and say Hi!


  1. At my age, I love to follow (and make friends with ) like-minded people. No time to waste anymore ;)

    I also enjoy learning from moms who share the same experiences that I do, i.e. adoption and homeschooling.

    I just keep them on the side bar of my page. This post reminds me that I need to add some more to the side bar because I have many more than are actually listed.

  2. I have to refer you to LeTejana

    Her stories always entertain. When I see a post, I save it on the bottom of my screen all day sometimes for a time to sit and read it and she never disappoints.

    I found her through Odie, my male reader...she recently lost over 100 lbs and is a teacher to junior high students in Texas.

    Since you have girls, I've recently found this great hair blog and done a couple things so far:

    Have fun!!!

    (these are not Catholic blogs, like my usual, but I've found them very fun!)

  3. love your blog! I also participated in snapshot sunday. hope you don't mind if I subscribe!

  4. Just found you via Snapshots from a Sunday via Houseunseen. Sweet image, BTW.

    I blog at Minnesota Prairie Roots ( So check out my posts about places I go, people I meet, activities I attend and, well, everyday life, too.

    I enjoy following Minnesota blogger ArtsyNina at She's a young mom with an artistic bent. Good writing, stories and photos.


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