Saturday, March 19, 2011


We celebrated Gianna's baptism two weeks ago already. She has settled in quite nicely into God's bigger family, the Church. The day was celebrated with some family members, grandparents and Godparents and turned out perfectly. The timing turned out to be just right since that was right about when I started to feel a bit more like myself and bouncing back after childbirth.

Although we had contemplated asking our beloved Fr. G to do the baptism prior to Gianna's birth and he eagerly agreed to do it if we wanted, we decided to wait until our parish priest returned from vacation and have him do it instead. As it all turned out, our priest got sick and we ended up with a visiting priest instead. It all turned out fine though since this older priest did a wonderful job of making baptism memorable.

After baptism, which was during Sunday morning Mass, we had brunch at our house. Most everyone took turns holding Gianna and taking in the beautiful scent of the Chrism oil. Love that smell! It was a very special day to celebrate and be reminded of the beautiful miracle that we hold in our arms each day. Truly precious beyond words.


  1. Oh, Congratulations!!! What a beautiful day and celebration!

    I wish those pictures you put on were a little bigger though, I'm getting old and have a hard time focusing!!

    You look wonderful Sarah!

  2. Sarah, congratulations on this big day! Chrism smell is amazing, isn't it? And you look great!

  3. Only you could look that great after a baby ;) I am so glad to welcome her into our church!!!!

  4. Congrats again. Welcome to the family Gianna! Prayers for your continued transition and postpartum. I havent posted to the blog world because of things we are dealing with, but we have exciting news- yes, we are expecting. Shh, it wont hit the blog for some time as we dont anticipate a great reaction from family. God is good!


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