Thursday, March 24, 2011


After much preparation, Lily made her First Reconciliation just before the beginning of lent. With the arrival of Gianna, the day kept getting pushed back and we were uncertain when it would happen. Finally, after talking with our parish priest again it looked like we'd have to wait another week. Lily wasn't having it. She was ready and she wanted the opportunity to receive this sacrament before lent. So, I made the arrangements to take her into church during the week when Father would be here for weekly confession.

It was so peaceful and special. It was only the kids and myself in church and Father had soft music playing in the background. Lily wasn't nervous at all and was ready to rush right in. After some time in prayer, I sent her in and she came out smiling. Upon leaving church she asked if she could go again on the following Sunday when we had regularly scheduled confessions at our parish. I told her if she needed to that was fine, but that as much as she wanted to go again she still should try her best not to sin. It was wonderful to hear her eagerness to receive the sacrament again, especially since just weeks prior this was the girl who didn't want to go and was nervous.

We celebrated Lily's First Reconciliation with supper and ice cream treats from Culver's that evening, so daddy could be a part of the special day as well. It was a wonderful week to celebrate since that was also the same week that Gianna was baptized. What a Sacramental week for our family!! Now we're looking forward to her First Communion in May.


  1. What a sweetheart! JOhn-Paul was exactly the same way - so eager and confident for his First Reconciliation. And he asked to go again the next day! We also tried to explain that the point is you should go as soon as you NEED to, but really focus on not doing anything wrong :) Great job getting her well-prepared for a special Sacrament!

  2. congratulations!! I love their excitement, it is so emotional for us mamas, though, right?

    Tears of happiness, knowing their state of souls!

    My kiddos still love going every month, I hope that stays with them forever.

  3. The purity of a child's soul is so bright, isn't it? What a wonderful moment for her (and the parents!)


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