Monday, February 14, 2011

In Case You're Wondering

No baby yet. I'm still at home. Still pregnant. Still waiting.

Not really a startling revelation, but it's further proof that God's plan and timing are all in His hands and not mine. He and baby apparently are in cahoots together.

There must still be a lot for me to learn on waiting and patience. This baby has been a long time coming and while we spent so much time/effort making sure baby stayed in long enough, now we can't get him/her to come out!!

Ah, the humor in it all.

In other news, baby's heart rate is around 150-160, I am dilated to 5 cm and baby is sitting nice and low so when the time does come, it will hopefully go fast. Well, not TOO FAST. I am also scheduled for induction on Friday if nothing happens before them.

Either way, Baby Blessing should arrive by the weekend!! Hooray!! I can't wait to lay my eyes on little one and hold him/her safely in my arms.


  1. Definately wondering over here! :) and at least you know there is a definate end in sight--and end to the waiting, that is! 5cm is wow--just wow--can't imagine you'll be waiting much longer!

  2. So funny! This happened with my 2nd - tried so hard to keep her in there and then needed help getting her out! But, I too was at 4 for 3 weeks and the labor and delivery (once they happened) were fast and great! Praying the same for you!
    Ps - I can't wait! I still am thinking girl.

  3. Hang in there...hee hee...excuse the pun!

  4. You're at a FIVE?! WOW! How is that little one still in there?! :) I was super active when I was pregnant with Squiggs, and she was almost born in the car, making me wonder how dilated I was before labor. Here's to a quick labor (with a birth in the hospital, not car. :)) Prayers for you!

  5. I'm checking every day for the news (I do that anyway!). I hope it goes super fast for you...just enough time to get to the hospital :) Oh man, I am sooooooo excited!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Thinking of you and praying for you! Can't wait to hear the good news soon. :)


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