Wednesday, December 19, 2007

My Hopeful Heart

You know how there are so many things in life that seem to reveal themselves to you over time? That was the case when I was searching for just the right name for my blog. Over the last months the "Delight in the Lord"...scripture has been popping up in so many places (we're talking in magazines, signs in stores, cards, etc. I mean, not the ordinary places you'd expect that verse to be.) and has become my verse on which to reflect. I was thinking that it held so much meaning for me during these last months as we approached the 1 year trying period for baby #3 (we are now embarking on month 16). I have been trying to figure out how in my daily life I have become forgetful in thanking God for all He provides for me. At times I have become so focused/stressed about not having another child that I may have even neglected to see what my other two children are currently learning and the stages and changes they are going through. It has been just recently though that the word "hope" seems to also have become important to me. It occurred to me now that although there are days that I struggle with the lack of answers medically as to why we have not been able to conceive another child, I still have hope. Hope. What a wonderful thing. I firmly believe that I have been given a hopeful heart for a reason.

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